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10 funny dog videos to help you put off doing actual work


6. Funniest fail

Michael Jamison via YouTube

“Don’t you dare touch my bo… whoa!” And he’s on the floor. This dog certainly doesn’t care that he’s facing a tiger, or that he fell when forcing him to back down.

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7. The most determined Fido

smeendering54 via YouTube

“This is the coolest stick ever! Going inside. Nope. Going inside. Nope.” He’s determined to bring his new toy in the house, but first he just needs to get it through the door.

8. Best reaction

Daniel Kemp via YouTube

“This is so sour, this is so sour. Ah. Ah! Let me try that again.” The amazing reaction a pup has to tasting a lemon.

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9. The most athletic

Bulleball via YouTube

“Jump and bounce all day, that’s the Bulldog way!” Who needs the dog park when you’ve got a trampoline in your backyard?

10. The happiest dog in the world

njalakomboya via YouTube

“Oh, I got a tennis ball. Wait, I’ve got two tennis balls… three, 15… a million!” The secret to making the happiest dog alive.

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Originally published Oct. 2013. Updated July 2016.

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