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Forget Witches & Ghouls — We’re All About This DIY Cupcake Halloween Costume

We know. We know. It seems like Halloween keeps getting pushed on us earlier and earlier every year — but if you are looking into DIYing your own costume creation this year, August is when you gotta start the brainstorming process. Although, this super-cute homemade cupcake costume is so easy to put together, you’re definitely going to have some time to spare.

DIY Cupcake Halloween costume
Image: Joy Findeisen/SheKnows

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If you are so over dressing up in a scary costume, this sweet DIY is for you.

Cupcake supplies
Image: Joy Findeisen/SheKnows


  • Large tub
  • Saw or box cutter
  • One large bag of poly fill
  • One bag of small multicolored pom-poms
  • One yard of tulle
  • 4 large pieces of poster board (color of your choice)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband
  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Ribbon
  • Sheet of colored felt
  • Gold paperweight (can be found at party supply stores)
  • Pink tights


1. The cupcake

Cupcake bottom
Image: Joy Findeisen/SheKnows

With a steady hand and a friend to help, grab a saw or box cutter and cut off the bottom of the tub. The amount you cut off will depend on your height and the length you want the cupcake to be.

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2. The cupcake wrapper

Cupcake: folding wrapper
Image: Joy Findeisen/SheKnows

Fold each piece of paper in approximately two-inch sections like an accordion. Fold four pieces of poster board to assure you’ll have enough to wrap around the tub.

Next Up: Get gluing

Originally published October 2013. Updated August 2017.

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