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Easy ways to spend less in October

October has arrived — meaning Halloween is near and the holidays are fast approaching. Here’s how you can spend less money specifically during the month of October.

Woman giving away Halloween candy

We learned how to save money in September, but what can we do in October to save just as much, if not more? Here are 15 tips on how you can save more and spend less in the month of October!


Make your own Halloween costume

Renting or buying a costume for Halloween can cost $50 or more (a lot more!). Instead of splurging on a costume you’ll only wear once, make your own this year. Visit your local thrift store to get some ideas or click here for more homemade costume ideas.

Savings: $50


Make your kids’ Halloween costumes

Kids’ costumes are almost as expensive as adult costumes. Again, this is something they’re only going to wear once, especially since they’ll most likely have outgrown the costume in a year. Check out this guide on making your kids costumes!

Savings: $40


Buy discount Halloween candy

Tip: Don’t always assume buying in bulk will be the cheapest. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy a few small bags versus one big one.

Grocery stores tend to be the worst place to purchase Halloween candy, since most last-minute shoppers go there. This year, buy your candy in advance at places such as Walmart, Target, Costco or even your local dollar store.

Savings: $10


Avoid pumpkin patches

Pumpkin patches are typically the most expensive place to buy pumpkins. If your kids really want to go, we suggest taking them but waiting to buy your pumpkins at the grocery store.

Savings: $10


Throw a budget-friendly Halloween party

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, make sure it’s budget-friendly. Hit up your local dollar store for plates, cups, napkins and scary decor. Ask guests (or should we say ghouls?) to bring their favorite drink or spooky appetizer to share with the crowd!

Savings: $30

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Host a girls’ scary movie night

Do you normally go out with the girls once a month? This month, have everyone over for a scary movie night instead! Ask everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine or dessert.

Savings: $15

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Get new tires

Are you in need of new tires for your car? If so, you’re in luck — October is the best time of year to get a deal on tires. The reason? Bargains encourage drivers to buy new tires before winter hits.

Savings: $50+

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