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Dos and don’ts for wearing bronzer in the winter

November is, sadly, when our skin starts to lose that summer glow. If you want to keep some of that just-back-from-vacation vibe through the cold and slush, bronzer is the way to go. But put it on incorrectly and you risk looking like a 3-year-old who got into her mother’s makeup.

Woman wearing bronzer in winter

Want to make sure you get it right? Read on for our bronzer dos and don’ts!

Do pick the right shade for your skin

If you have darker skin, you can pick a color that’s more brown and orange. If you have lighter skin, pick something with more gold in it. Test a little of the color out just under your cheekbones to see what shade looks best on you.

Don’t pick a color more than two or three shades darker than your own skin

You won’t fool anyone. Pick a shade that makes you look like you spent a day at the beach, not a week in the Caribbean, if you want to look natural.

Woman wearing bronzer

The right bronzer for
your skin tone

Choosing the right shade can be tough. That’s why we’re sharing some expert tips for getting it right (as opposed to orange).

Do use bronzer strategically on your face

Coating your whole face with bronzer will always look fake.

Instead, dust a light layer of color just under your cheekbones, around your temples, down your nose and along the curve of your chin. Make sure to blend with your fingers or a sponge so that you don’t end up with sharp lines.

Don’t forget your neck and chest

A glowing face paired with a pale chest is a sure sign of a bronzer rookie. Blend a little color down your neck and along your collarbone to make sure all your exposed skin matches.

Do use blush

Most people get a bit of a rosy glow in the summer in addition to a tan. Adding blush not only brightens up your face, but it also makes your glow look like it came from the sun instead of your makeup bag. Dust a coral or pink color on the apples of your cheeks, then blend it into the bronzer with your fingers.

Don’t overdo it

The point of bronzer is to make you look like you have a bit of a tan, not to make your skin look like it’s a different color. Use a light touch when applying or you may end up looking like Snookie’s new BFF, and that’s never a good idea.

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