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Lauren Conrad talks fall fashion dos and don’ts, pulling off crop tops and more!

Reality star turned top designer Lauren Conrad answers our questions on fall fashion dos and don’ts, how to pull off crop tops and the one item you should never wear this season.

Lauren Conrad shares fall fashion tips

Lauren Conrad knows a thing or two about style. After all, she has come a long way from her Laguna Beach and The Hills days.

We’re talking — two clothing lines (Paper Crown and LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s), a must-read website, a wildly popular beauty blog and a bestselling book series. (Now that’s a resume!)

So we put her fashion expert IQ to the test as she took us through her closet at Downy’s Closet Love Affair soiree. Read on for LC’s tips on fall fashion, prepping for spring (already!) and the one item you should never (like, ever!) wear this season.

SheKnows: What is your biggest fashion do this season?

Lauren Conrad: Do go for really great accessories. Fall for me is all about big accessories, like really good handbags or an amazing pair of boots. So do your research to kind of figure out what your favorite pieces are for the season.

Textured Calfskin Riding Boots (Burberry, $995)

Textured Calfskin Riding Boots (Burberry, $995)

SK: Do you have a favorite piece this season?

LC: Right now I’m figuring out what I want my big fall boot to be. And I think that’s a pair of Burberry riding boots that I just spotted the other day. I love riding boots for fall!

SK: And what about fall fashion don’ts?

LC: Don’t be scared about new clothes. So incorporate basics! I think it’s important not to be overwhelmed with the idea of fall and having to get a whole new wardrobe. I think it’s great to look at pieces you’ve worn throughout the summer and find ways to wear for fall — like layering easy tees.

SK: Any must-buy trends we should incorporate into our wardrobes this fall?

LC: I love winter whites and pale grays for fall. I wear them year-round. I think it’s so pretty to wear those colors when it’s cold out. A cream colored sweater is like, my dream. I definitely am also really into the new take on menswear, very “tux” inspired, as opposed to the boyfriend styles we’ve seen over the years.

SK: And is there any fall trend we should absolutely not test out this season?

LC: Baseball caps! [Like we saw in BCBG’s fall collection.] I’m not so into it. I think it’s hard to pull off a chic baseball hat as a girl. I like hats in general, though. I personally am just not into baseball hats.

SK: So even though we’re in fall now, we just finished up the spring fashion shows. Any trend you saw and loved?

LC: Crop tops!

SK: Any tips on how to pull off a crop top, while still remaining comfortable in your own skin?

LC: Wear them with something really high-waisted. I think that’s where people get scared. Don’t wear with low-rise jeans! So wear a little crop top with high-waisted trousers and do a half little tuck in the front. Or, you could layer it over a dress for something kind of cool and different.


And there you have it! What do you think of Lauren’s fashion tips? Will you incorporate any of them into your closet this season? Sound off in the comment section below!

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