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4 Ways your makeup could be aging you

Makeup is meant to make you look fresh, pretty and youthful, but if it’s used the wrong way, it can cause disastrous results. Like any art, perfecting your makeup routine takes time, but it’s entirely possible you’re in a funk. The beauty moves that you might have pulled off in your youth won’t look as good when you age. We asked the advice of makeup artist and beauty expert Donna Cristino, founder of Jing Ai Cosmetics, what common mistakes she sees women make.

Young woman noticing first wrinkles


You’re wearing the wrong foundation

You’re not fooling anyone into thinking your skin is tan when you wear foundation that’s too dark. You might even be doing it mistakenly. Either way, it’s time to head to your makeup bag and really take a good look at how your foundation matches your skin, Cristino suggests.

“Always do a test to be sure the foundation matches your natural coloring,” she says. “This test should be done on your lower jaw.”

And as always, be sure to blend, blend, blend around the jawline, she says. A harsh line along the jaw will not only age you, but also look unnatural.


You’re wearing the wrong eyeliner

The ‘70s are over and raccoon eyes are out. Modern makeup is all about building a routine that’s perfectly you — not just what’s trendy. If you have lighter eyes, a brown pencil might be better suited for you. Harsh black liner can make eyes appear older. No matter which liner you choose, though, it’s all about blending to create a soft line around the eye.

“When you don’t blend in your liner, it gives a dated raccoon look,” Cristino says. “Be sure you smudge your pencil into your lash line to give you a natural look and wear a lighter shade.”


You’re not washing your makeup off

You might want to look glamorous at night, but it’s not worth the long-term impact on your skin. Leaving your makeup on at night causes blackheads and blemishes, Cristino says.

“Leaving makeup on your skin at night is the worst thing you can do for your skin,” she says. Always cleanse your face thoroughly before heading to bed. No excuses!


You’re wearing the wrong lipstick

Lighten, lighten, lighten. While deep lipsticks might give off the sultry seductress vibe in magazines, in real life, it feels a bit madame. Especially if you have thin, aging lips.

“Lighten up your lips and you will lighten up your face,” Cristino says. “Try a shade you would never think of trying and you just might like it. If you don’t, try another shade. It’s just makeup. Play with it and have fun!”

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