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Home style goes global: The hottest trends from Europe

Tired of the same ol’ decor? Steal these hot and bold looks from European bloggers to create your own functional and simple space.


Mismatched accents

german living room

Photo credit: The Poor Sophisticate

Allowing for a homey appeal, the mismatched accents in The Poor Sophisticate’s home blend surprisingly well together. With a wicker chair, a wood pallet coffee table and shutters to accent the fireplace, this German barnyard home is something to admire. You can bring this refreshing look — often seen in European country homes — into your home by placing your favorite vintage finds in the same space, regardless of whether they match or not. Coordinate the room with like tones or small pieces, such as the cream pillows or bright floral arrangements, to bring the room in as a whole.


Minimalist spaces

minimilast office

Photo credit: Weekday Carnival

The Finland blog Weekday Carnival has created a nice and easy work space with an open and simple design. The European trend is to keep your office neat, clean and free of clutter, which we don’t see too often in the U.S. With this look, only a few accents assist in maintaining a peaceful environment. You can bring this trend into your home by adding a filing cabinet for extra storage underneath the desk space. Don’t forget the golden rule of keeping the desk and the shelf space clear.


Bold accents

fur accented family room

Photo credit: Style Inspiration

Another take on simple spaces is this black-and-white living room from the blogger at Sweden-based Style Inspiration. Like our other bloggers, she has kept her space open and comfortable yet stylish, with black, white and bold accents — including fur throw pillows as brash decor items. The light buckskin rug blends nicely with the space. Take this style home by keeping your space free of clutter and letting your few daring accents speak for the room.


A dash of color

color accents

Photo credit: Simon Upton

As much as European home decor designs are simple and open, they also have a bit of character. Splashing in color with the use of chairs, serveware and cabinetry, the French home design experts and bloggers at Les Carnets Du Design have given their flat its own personality. In your own home, you can bring this design in by choosing a natural wood for kitchen and wall accents, and popping color in with modern chairs and kitchen items.


Decor you can see

home decor accents

Photo credit: Emmas Designblogg

One of the more noticeable home decor trends in Europe is leaving home items out for all to see. This design concept, shown here by famous Scandinavian blogger Emma Fexeus, leaves dishes out on the table, the coffee press out to see and vases stacked all around. By sometimes having a messy look, this minimalist space allows for a cool and sophisticated vibe. Take this look home by neatly stacking plates, dishes and your favorite kitchen items purposefully throughout your space to create a home for them rather than just a place.

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