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Home decor shopper: The perfect fall decor for your home

It’s officially September, and if you haven’t brought out the fall decor yet, now is the time! Let’s take a look at some new fall items from Urban Outfitters, Macy’s and Z Gallerie to find the hottest decor for your home.

Urban Outfitters

Window Box Vases

Window-box vases

Add a little rustic charm to your windowsill as you turn your home environmentally friendly with these window-box vases. Perfect for growing your own herb garden or showing off your hand-picked favorites from the garden, these vases in a modern wooden box can be a charming addition to your fall decor (Urban Outfitters, $39).

Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug

Magical Thinking triangle chain rug

A popular pattern for fall, the triangle chain is hitting stores big this season. In a lovely shade of blue, this Magical Thinking rug is easy to clean and coordinate. Looking great with grays, browns or neutrals, this rug is cute enough to last you through the year (Urban Outfitters, $44-$89).

NEST Arrow Chambray Pillow

NEST arrow chambray pillow

Another popular design, the arrow trend is in stores and blogs everywhere. An awesome fall color combo, orange and the neutral beige make an easy accent to any autumn decor. Toss this pillow against a brown suede couch or funky patterned throw (Urban Outfitters, $19).

Pendleton Diamond Ranch Quilt

Pendleton diamond ranch quilt

Fall just isn’t cozy without a quilt to warm up under. Get trendy with this geometric print quilt for your bed, or buy it in a twin size to add to your couch or quilt rack. With a bright colored pattern, this quilt is simple to accent but bold enough to leave on its lonesome (Urban Outfitters, $228).

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