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How to make a Great Gatsby costume

Looking for Halloween costumes for couples that are both unique and inexpensive? Make something a little old-fashioned more modern and fun and create your own Great Gatsby-inspired costumes!

The Great Gatsby
Image: Sheknows

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Black dress: $14 (or grab one from your closet)
  • Silver sequins (package containing at least 200): $6
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black headpiece (elastic band and a feather): $5
  • Pearl necklaces: $4
  • Black boa (optional): $8

*Prices may vary


1. Hit the stores

The Great Gatsby: Step 1 Hit the Stores
Image: Sheknows

It’s important to write out the list of supplies you’ll need for the costume before heading out, so you have an idea of which stores will offer the best materials (and deals). In this case, Party City and Goodwill are prime destinations. The silver sequins, black headpiece, pearl necklaces and boa can all be found at Party City for great prices, while a Roaring ’20s-inspired dress can be found at Goodwill for less than $15. Once all of the supplies are bought, it’s time to start designing and creating!

2. Design

The Great Gatsby: Step 2 design
Image: Sheknows

First, lay out the black dress on a flat surface so the front of the dress is facing up. Then take the sequins and lay them out on the dress, playing around with different designs. If you haven’t thought of an amazing idea, turn to the internet to find some inspiration.

3. Create

The Great Gatsby: Step 3 Create
Image: Sheknows

Once the design is chosen, start gluing! While gluing, make sure the design remains symmetrical as you move through the project, because the last thing you’ll want to do is peel (and potentially tear) the sequins from the dress.

4. Finishing touches

The Great Gatsby: Step 4 Finishing touches
Image: Sheknows

Allow the sequins a couple of minutes to dry onto the dress, and then run your fingers through the opening of the dress (as if you were putting it on) to pull apart any sequins that may be drying the front and back together.

5. Repeat

Repeat the steps under the design, create and finishing touches sections for the back of the dress. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got a fabulous Daisy-inspired dress!

6. Gatsby

If you’re looking for a partner to turn your solo Daisy into a great couples costume for Halloween, who better than Gatsby? Dressing up your sweetheart like the charming Gatsby is both easy and affordable. All Gatsby will need is a pair of black pants or slacks, a white button-up shirt, a bow tie and an optional black jacket. Fortunately, these clothes are standard items in most men’s closets, which would make the Gatsby costume convenient and, best of all… free! If these items can’t be found at home, have no fear. Shop for these items and avoid breaking the bank at Target and Wal-Mart.

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