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Sexy blazers for the tall woman

Long and lean is definitely in, but it’s often a challenge for tall women to find clothing that fits properly. We spoke with a Manhattan image consultant to hear his ideas about how tall women can look sexy and strong in a well-fitted blazer for work or play.

Tall women often hear helpful comments like, “Oh my gosh, you’re so tall!” Other favorites include, “Can I borrow a few inches?” or, “Fashion must look so good on you!” While these comments are usually harmless, most tall women actually find it exceedingly difficult to purchase fashionable pieces they can wear directly off the rack. (They also find it impossible to give extra inches to shorter women, so you can stop asking.)

Laura Prepon wearing a blazer

Problems with fit

According to 6′ 2″ businesswoman Kim Green of PR Noir, tall women run into many problems with fitted clothing like blazers. When asked about her problems with fit, she mentioned a variety of issues:

  • Blazers often don’t reach the wrists of tall women.
  • If tall women buy a blazer a size up for arm length, the blazer is bulky through the torso and arms.
  • Blazers that fit tall women are often boring and unfeminine.
  • Blazers are often too short through the torso, and the waist is usually cut too high.

Sexy blazer suggestions

So what’s a tall woman to do? We talked with Michael Christian of Manhattan Makeovers to hear his fit tips, advice and brand suggestions for tall women looking for the perfect blazer.

First, Christian offered a few suggestions based upon his research. “Tall women will do better in lighter colors like gray, beige and lighter blues so they avoid an intimidation factor from their height, but they also need stay away from pastels so they’ll be viewed as strong,” Christian advised. He also suggested that tall women find a high-quality tailor to make off-the-rack blazers fit perfectly. Finally, he reported that it’s a good idea for tall women — and women in general — to pair their blazers with well-fitted pants rather than skirts to boost sex appeal.

Best off-the-rack blazers

Christian also indicated that there are several brands that do a good job of accommodating taller women with their blazer options. Even if the fit isn’t completely perfect, a tailor can ensure that the blazer reaches the wrist and cinches in at the thinnest part of the waist. Here are a few of Christian’s suggestions:

  • Long Tall Sally: You’ll find a variety of blazers made exclusively for tall women at Long Tall Sally (in case you couldn’t tell from the name).
  • J.C. Penney: Department store J.C. Penney is making a comeback this year, so check out their nice selection of work clothing made specifically for tall women. They offer a variety of cropped jackets, which also work well for the taller ladies.
  • Calvin Klein: You can’t go wrong with a well-fitted separate from Calvin Klein. The blazers available through this label will be a wardrobe staple for years.
  • Jones New York: Many tall women find that they can wear Jones New York pants and blazers straight off the rack, which is especially nice since the brand offers lower-cost options for women.
  • United Colors of Benetton: For updated classic pieces, think Benetton. The line offers splashy colors in longer lengths.

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