Product review: Bombay Clip-in Hair Extensions

Now you can enjoy longer, fuller hair by using… more hair! Forget the shampoo product claims and hot oil treatments. Get the results you want with a few clip-in extensions before your big night out!


Product Review: Bombay Clip-in Hair ExtensionsName this product:

Bombay Clip-in Hair Extensions (, Prices vary)

What the product claims to do:

These extensions are 100 percent Indian Remy hair. They claim to adhere flawlessly to your existing hair with clip-ins and create a look of volume and healthy hair.

How it worked for me:

The color match was unbelievably perfect. While the clips take some getting used to (watch the company’s tutorial videos!), they truly look like your real hair. Actually, the hair is even better/nicer than my own hair!

How this product looks and feels:

It looks and feels like real hair. It’s really uncanny!

What I liked about this product:

I loved how many parts of hair come with the package. You don’t only get one row with four clips. There are pieces with two clips and three clips as well, making it up to you to decide which you want to use and in what areas.

What I would change about this product:

The packaging does not come with instructions on how to use the clip-ins. Only when I visited the site and watched the video tutorials was I able to really put them in correctly. I think the packaging should include instructions — or at least direct customers to visit the website for pro tips.

Describe the application process, how often you used the product and for how long:

Because there are several rows of hair for different areas of your head, they conveniently come with a different number of clips for each section. Some have four, while others have two or three. This makes it super convenient to choose which pieces you want to put where. By using snapping clips, the strands sit comfortably along your natural hairlines. I would still highly encourage you to watch the video.

I would recommend this product for:

Any woman who has medium to long hair. This product is awesome. I really enjoyed wearing the hair and seriously loved the compliments I received! (Just check my Instagram!)

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