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Accessorizing tips to balance your jewelry

We all love our jewels and baubles — but too much can look like overkill very quickly. The secret is to balance your jewels and accessories and not be weighed down by them!

Woman wearing bracelets


Your necklace should be working for you, not against you

If you are wearing a scarf, leave the necklace behind, and if your neck is free, try out multiple necklaces in different tones and shapes for a fun, fashionable statement. “FYI, long strands that hit just below the bust make you look taller and leaner!” says Marcus Stewart, a celebrity stylist.


Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold!

The old notion of “matching” jewelry is so 1989! “Mix and matching will not only help you get more use out of your jewelry box but it will also make you appear in a modern and fresh way!” says Stewart.


Cinch the waist

“Belts are instant waist shapers and add a punch to any look,” says Stewart. If you are curvy, go for a wider width belt. If you are thinner, try a thin leather belt. Don’t be afraid to use your long necklaces as a funky chain belt. This will instantly update any LBD!Bracelets


Earrings are a must

Ladies, never leave home without at least a stud. Unless you are going for a specific look or wearing a huge statement necklace, be sure to always wear earrings. “Earrings add a feminine and youthful touch to any face,” says Stewart.


Busy neckline?

If you are wearing a top or dress with a “busy” neckline, opt for no necklace and instead put on beautiful hanging statement earrings. This will draw the attention upward toward your neckline and face.


Wrist candy

When in doubt go for a stack of skinny bangles. “This is a clear sign that you are in the “know” and care about the way you look,” says Stewart. Bangles in different sizes and shapes are a great way to finish off any look. Throw in your favorite oversized watch as well, mixing bold and delicate.


When dressing, the worst thing to do is to not be sure of what you are conveying to the world. Confidence is key. Look in the mirror before you leave and make sure you believe in what you are presenting! Be confident.

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