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Taking your bathroom from fall to winter

Even though they are among the most used rooms in the home, bathrooms aren’t often No. 1 on our home renovation lists. If your loo is in need of some updating this fall and winter, check out these easy tips on seamless decorating.

Unless you have a large budget and a lot of time to redo your bathroom every season, you’ll want to add decorative pieces and paint in colors that can take you from season to season with minimal effort.


Repurpose holiday decor

Winter-themed vases

Photo credit: Celebrations

Instead of stowing away your fall branches, bright leaves and gourds, why not repurpose them so they work for winter and Christmas, too? We love how Tara from SnackPicks repurposed a white fall pumpkin into a fun winter-and-holiday centerpiece by adding pomegranates and a glittery white candle. This would look great inside a cabinet or on top of shelving! We also love how Better Homes and Gardens painted traditional Christmas ornaments in more neutral colors like white and gold and placed them with fall pinecones and ferns to make a cute fall centerpiece. If you have space to hang things, we love the idea of hanging leaves and ornaments together for a fun fall/winter look.


Buy furniture in simple, neutral colors

Although we love bright colors as much as the next gal, they are harder to transition from season to season. Instead of a bright yellow or blue hutch or medicine cabinet, opt for one in darker wood like cherry or walnut, or buy one that’s white, light gray or taupe. These are easy to update with seasonal accessories, like warm, cozy candles in fall and mini fern trees and pinecones in winter.


Enhance existing decor

Winter bathroom decor

Photo credit: Meredith and Fox Hollow Cottage

Instead of redoing your entire bathroom each season, just add some fun seasonal enhancements with each holiday. For fall, add some rustic wreaths or gourds to your bathroom mantel or inside windowed cabinets. Sub out your summer towels for ones in fall colors like deep reds, oranges and marigold. For winter, swap your fall wreath for a winter one with ferns and berries. Hang a few Christmas ornaments from your towel hooks and string some simple garland around your sink. To keep things super cheap, we love this DIY burlap and tin can vase garland. You can tie festive ribbons around it and swap out the flowers during fall and Christmas for a quick, easy change.

You have to have a place to keep your toilet paper, right? Load all of your Charmin Toilet Paper into a pretty basket, and decorate the basket for the season. Trim it with leaves for the fall, and replace that with holiday garland once winter arrives.

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