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Must-have outdoor decorations for fall

Fabulous fall decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Check out these six fabulous, simple fall decorations that you can add to your outdoors today.

Corsica Outdoor Pillows

When you are sprucing up your home’s exterior for the fall, don’t forget to replace tired outdoor pillows with something a little more fit for the season. Whether you want leaf- or pumpkin-themed pillows, or you want to stick with something a little less thematic but still capture the essence of fall as these Corsica Outdoor Pillows do, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to have a big impact on your seating areas. (Restoration Hardware, starting at $28)

Harvest Pumpkin Wreath

Wreaths add color, style and a welcoming feeling to your front door. It’s also very simple to change wreaths every few months to create new seasonal looks without a lot of effort. This Harvest Pumpkin Wreath is not only beautifully designed, but the warm colors and fall accents quickly add a touch of fall decor to your front door without going overboard. (Pottery Barn, $99)

Sterling Hand-Held Outdoor Lanterns

Lanterns with either unlit candles or electric candles can be beautiful accents to any front porch! Whether they line your stairs or help create a stylish vignette near your front door, lanterns like these Sterling Hand-Held Outdoor Lanterns in Terra Nova are a perfect way to add beauty and light to your front porch this fall. (Lighting Buff, $80)

Gold-Leafed Garland

Garlands always make for beautiful decorations around your front door, columns or a banister. And leaf garlands have been a fall staple in exterior decorating for years! This year, glam it up by bringing a touch of the ever-popular gold to your front porch with a gold-leafed garland such as this Distinctive Designs Natural Laurel Leaf Garland. (Wayfair, $158)

Halloween Scarecrow Object

Nothing says fall better than having a scarecrow in your front yard or on your porch. And the best thing about scarecrows is that you can arrange them to create anything from a whimsical to a scary scene! So whether you opt for a DIY version or prefer to purchase a scarecrow like this Halloween Scarecrow Object, you can add a classic fall touch in a very personalized way. (Pottery Barn, $79)

Fall Leaves Outdoor Rug

Rugs are great for enhancing your indoors, but don’t forget a beautiful fall rug for your exterior space as well! Whether you add a rug to an exterior dining area or simply place a small rug in front of your front door, rugs let you add color, style and life to your exterior space without spending a lot of time or effort. This Fall Leaves Outdoor Rug adds a great pop of color and style at a reasonable price.  (Grandinroad, starts at $49)

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