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13 Uses for your old iPhone after buying the new 5S

Your iPhone has been loyal, so be kind and don’t toss her in the trash. Here are 13 uses to keep her useful as you bring your new iPhone home.


Instant entertainment

kid and iphone

Photo credit: hackgnar via Instagram

You’re at a restaurant and your kid will not stop reminding you of his hunger pangs or need to go home. Hand him the old iPhone. Who cares if it breaks or uses all of your memory for his apps? It’s old anyway!


Create an experiment

broken iphone

Photo credit: heyleigh_paige via Instagram

Want to know what the inside of your (formerly) most prized possession looks like? First, do some quick research to check for potential risks and safety tips, then go exploring! Create your own mini iPhone experiment and up your IQ a few notches… or not.


Keep it as a constant companion


Photo credit: kelsguyette via Instagram

Sure, you’ve got Siri on your new iPhone, but how can you possibly say good-bye to your old friend? Leave her around for times you need a conversation… or perhaps, allow both phones to become amigas as well.


An art project

iphone decorated

Photo credit: kelseykkat via Instagram

Been in an art rut? Use your old iPhone as a new medium to create a masterpiece. And if all else fails, it can also be used as a chic accessory!


A modern coaster

iphone as coaster

Photo credit: keegan412 via Instagram

Put your iPhone to good use in your home! Modern decor lovers will go gaga for your new table coaster(s). They’re chic, good-looking and will prevent water stains on your furniture.


Instant babysitter

baby and iphone

Photo credit: kykendrick via Instagram

Babies love iPhones. And since you no longer care about your older device, let them drool away and have a ball with their brand-new toy. Set it to lullabies and you’ll even be able to put the little guy to sleep.

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