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Bedroom accents in the hottest fall hues

A full bedroom makeover may be out of the question, but you can simply and affordably get your bedroom ready for fall by adding a few accent pieces in this fall’s latest colors!

Blue lamp

A bright yet deep blue can be a beautiful and engaging color, and it is definitely a go-to fall hue that can add a splash of excitement to any bedroom! This Mykonos Blue Ovo Table Lamp is the perfect way to include a hint of Mykonos blue in a bedroom without going overboard or without being overwhelming. (Lamps Plus, $100)

Geometric Trellis Wool Rug

Rugs are great for adding style and color to any room, but they can often be expensive! So, it is not always feasible to change rugs frequently. However, this stylish Aimee Wilder Hand-Tufted Granada Geometric Trellis Wool Rug is a very affordable option, and it also comes in this year’s most brilliant color: emerald green. (Overstock, $130)

Linden Green Upscale Matching Wall Clock

Not only is emerald green a hot hue this year, but a lighter, more mossy version of green is sure to be a very popular color this fall. Linden green is lighter and brighter than army green but a bit more muted than spring green, so it lends itself well to working with many other color schemes. It almost feels like a neutral color. So you can’t go wrong by adding this inexpensive yet stylish Linden Green Upscale Color Matching Wall Clock to your bedroom this fall. (Zazzle, $28)

Design Elements 005 Throw Pillow

Deep purple has long been regarded as a color of royalty, and it is a perfect color to add to your bedroom for a rich, luxurious feel! But be careful because purple can be overwhelming and because it is not typically considered a guy-friendly color. However, this Design Elements 005 Throw Pillow with acai-colored designs is a beautiful way to add just a touch of royal luxury to your room without being overwhelming and without a royal price tag. (Zazzle, $66)

Color Edge Curtain Panels in Red

Red is a very warm color that can instantly bring the feel of fall into any space. By adding just a touch of samba red to your bedroom, such as with these Color Edge Curtain Panels, you can include the warmth of red in your room without committing to such a bold color for very long. (Land of Nod, $39 per panel)

Vivienne Single-Door Mirrored Cabinet

Burnt orange conveys the feeling of fall foliage and pumpkins, and it is the perfect color to warm up any space! This Vivienne Single-Door Mirrored Cabinet comes in a fashionable fall color, koi, and would make a bold yet beautiful addition to any space, including a bedroom. (Elite Fixtures, $278)

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