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DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets

This DIY jewelry craft is an all-inclusive bracelet with trendy colorblocking and nautical accents. And bonus: It’s kid friendly! In fact, your daughter might want to whip up an arm party of these easy-to-make, low-maintenance bracelets with you.

DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets |

DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets


  • Cotton rope. You can get plain white and even fun colors at the hardware store. (Yes, they sell hot pink!)
  • Embroidery thread. Found in the knitting aisle at craft stores, small bundles are about 40 cents each, so pick up several different colors.
  • Scissors
  • Needle (optional)



Cut rope

DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets |

Cut a piece of rope about 12 inches long and tape the ends together. Fold in half so the two loops meet. Put it around your wrist to check the fit. Cut more length if needed, but be careful to not make it super tight because you need it loose enough to slide on and off.



DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets |

Pinch the two pieces of rope together where the tape is. Knot the embroidery thread onto one piece of rope. Start wrapping thread tightly around both pieces of rope until the tape is covered or at least 1 inch. Finish by knotting the thread and cutting the excess length.


You can also use a needle to start the wrapping. Thread the needle and knot the thread at the end. Then push the needle through both pieces of rope and start wrapping, making sure to cover the knot.


Continue wrapping

DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets |

Pinch the two loops together at the other end of the bracelet. Knot embroidery thread to the rope and wrap a small section 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch wide. Change thread color and continue wrapping. Add a third complementary color and finish by knotting and cutting any excess length.

Two variations

DIY mother-daughter embroidered rope bracelets |

To make a single loop bracelet, cut a 10-inch piece of rope, wrap it around your wrist and let the ends overlap. Cut to a comfortable length that lets you slide it on and off. Then wrap the double rope section with thread. You can even add colorful tassels!

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