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Accenting your home with gold & why we love it

Gold is a trendy look for fall. And with a few tricks, you can make gold an amazing accent that will last you all year long! Take a look at these bloggers’ gold perfections and grab a few ideas for your own space.

A royal nursery

Royal nursery

Photo credit: Design Post

After having two boys, blogger Beth knew she wanted style for her little lady’s room. Using a stencil, she rolled metallic gold paint to create a stunning wall design. Continuing with the golden trend, she added a gold-painted shelf, two ornaments of the Eiffel Tower, dresser knobs, and a little DIY art. We love the mix of vibrant colors and patterns that make this room worth its weight in gold; and the gold accents are just enough to provide a little glam to this nursery.

Royal nursery crib

Photo credit: Design Post

Create your own golden nursery using a stencil, one piece of accent furniture and a few unique items, mixing in black and white and your favorite pattern (we chose a chevron like the blogger did). Gray is a good color to add with gold.

Royal nursery shopping list

  • Motif stencil (Etsy, $36)
  • Rust-Oleum gold spray paint (Home Depot, $44 per case)
  • Black and white print chair (Hayneedle, $270)
  • Hyllis shelving unit (Ikea, $15)
  • Gold Eiffel Tower ornament (Sur La Table, $13)
  • Gold hardware (Knobs and Hardware, $2)
  • Dresser/changing table combo (Target, $198)
  • Gold leaf heart canvas wall art (Etsy, $24)
  • Chevron bedding (Target, $171)

Ballerina room-turned-golden

Gold ceiling ballerina bedroom

Photo credit: Our Fifth House

Dream of gold with Our Fifth House blogger Carmel’s big-girl room. Equipped with a fancy hot-pink chandelier, gold hardware and golden polka dots affixed to the ceiling, this is a dream come true. Another mix of various patterns, this ballerina room-turned-golden is too perfect for words.

Gold Ceiling

Photo credit: Our Fifth House

Create your own golden ballerina paradise using gold dots like our blogger, and bright-pink accents. When adding in furniture, use brass- or gold-hued hardware to tie in the space. Smaller decor items, like the ballerina figurine, should also have a bit of gold for an overall put-together look.

golden ballerina room shopping list

  • Lottie dots detail in gold (The Land of Nod, $25)
  • Hot-pink chandelier (Build, $98)
  • Vintage nightstand (Etsy, $100)
  • Chevron silhouette (Etsy, $15)
  • Ballerina figurine (Osmun Gifts, $14)
  • Zebra rug (Overstock, $81)
  • Glass table lamp base (Ikea, $40)
  • Black lamp shade (Ikea, $30)
  • Tulle bedskirt (Wayfair, $35)

Bronzing up the family room

Gold accented living room

Photo credit: Design Love Fest

Gold never looked as pretty and modern as it does in this beautiful living room. Accented with a bronzed gold and bright, cheery colors, this room is absolutely magnificent. We love the use of not only various patterns like the other rooms, but the blending of various home decor designs. The different textures, hues and textiles make this living room one you want to be in.

Gold accented living room 2

Photo credit: Design Love Fest

To bring this gold and patterned luxury to your home, purchase metallic-colored accent furniture. Go for a bright-hued couch and neutral (or black and white) textiles, to create a space that is not only fun, but a bit more easy-going on the eyes.

Gold living room shopping list

Navy and gold splendor

blue and gold bedroom

Photo credit: Vintage Revivals

Oh, my bronze! This simultaneously modern- and antique-looking master bedroom takes gold to a whole new level. Use color in the accents to cool down the stenciled wall but brighten up the board and batten so this space looks cool, calm and collected.

blue and gold bedroom wall

Photo credit: Vintage Revivals

Bring your own patterned and gold accents to your master bedroom using white- and neutral-hued textiles to bring more attention to the gold accents and stenciled wall. A bronze piece centered in the bold-patterned wall assist in leveling out the room. Like our other bedroom, gold-hued hardware makes your space well coordinated and exotic.

Blue and gold bedroom shopping list

See this trend in action:

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