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Couples costumes for you and your pet


Everyone loves a great Halloween costume — so why not get your pet in on the action? Take your usual Halloween costume up a notch this year with a coordinating or matching costume for your pet! From old classics to a few new twists, we found some great costume combos for you and your best friend.

While dressing your pet in a costume is fun for special occasions, be sure to follow directions on the package and don’t keep your pet in a costume for long periods. Check to make sure straps aren’t too tight and keep a close watch on your pet while she is wearing her costume.

Angel and devil

Angel costume

devil pet costume

You know your dog can be a little devil — and now his costume says it all. This devil costume for pets (PetSmart, $12 to $14) is a perfect complement to your angel costume (Spirit, $55), and lets your friends see your true colors.

Star Wars stars

Yoda costume

Princess Leia

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? These movies span the generations and have only become more popular over the years. Picture your furry friend in this Yoda dog costume (Costume Express, $19) as the perfect match to your Princess Leia (Costume Express, $70).

Foodie fun

Hot dog costume

Mustard costume

Food costumes are always a hit — so we went one step further and made your dog into a hot dog! This hot dog costume (Costume Express, $15) would be cute on a dog or a cat, and is just right with a bit of your mustard costume (Costume Express, $40) on the side.

Which witch?

Pet witch hat

Witch costume

Everyone knows that witches travel in groups. Dress your pet in this cute witch hat (PetSmart, $6) and she can be your cackling sidekick when you wear this cute witch costume (Meijer, $52).

Disney duo

Minnie Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse costume

Are you a huge Disney fan? Dress yourself and your pet in coordinating outfits fit for Main Street in Disneyland. Your Minnie Mouse costume (Costume Express, $40) is the perfect match to your pet’s Mickey Mouse costume (PetSmart, $18 to $20).

Twist on a classic



Sure, everyone has seen someone dress as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and bring along her little dog Toto. But what if the dog was Dorothy? This cute Dorothy costume (Costume Express, $15) transforms your little fur-baby into the classic movie character. Paired with your own Toto costume (Discount Wizard of Oz Costumes, $69), you’re sure to make people do a double-take.

‘Bee’ a pair

Bee costume

Bee keeper

Want everyone to be buzzing about your costumes? Wouldn’t your little honey be cute as a bee? This bee dog costume (Costume Express, $15) is killer when paired with the beekeeper costume (Costume Express, $30).


Dog wig

Groovy girl costume

The ‘60s are a fun theme for costumes, even for your pet! This retro pink wig for pets (PetSmart, $6) turns your pet into a funky accessory for a groovy girl (like you) in this ‘60s costume (Meijer, $32).


Cheshire cat

Red Queen costume

Alice and everything Wonderland is really in right now. This cute Cheshire cat costume (PetSmart, $20 to $22) is the perfect match for your Red Queen costume (Costume Express, $70).

Star power

Security guard pet costume

Marilyn Monroe

What movie star ventures out without a bodyguard? Your best friend will look the part in this cute security guard costume (PetSmart, $8 to $10) and you can be all Hollywood glam in this Marilyn Monroe costume (Pure Costumes, $35). Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Got milk?

Cow costume

Milk carton costume

This clever pairing has your pet in a cow costume (PetSmart, $12 to $15) and you in a milk carton costume (Meijer, $60) for a fun twist.

Wonderful duo

Wonder woman pup

Wonder Woman

Show your super-hero powers — and those of your pet — when you both don Wonder Woman costumes. The pet costume (Costume Express, $19) is so incredibly cute they may not even notice your Wonder Woman costume (Meijer, $48).

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