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The best way to store your bra

The closet

And now to the closet. Instead of hanging your bra anywhere and everywhere, find a solution to keep your bra’s shape and style.

messy bras hanging

Photo credit: sadie_shay

bras hanging

Photo credit: seruhhlikesitt

Here are a few products and solutions to keep your bras organized and looking pretty, like in this amazingly well put-together closet.

organized closet

Photo credit: Howards Storage World


Hanging around

hook n dry hanger for bras

Clear up drawer space with a Hook n Dry bra hanger. Put your brassieres right in the closet for a hidden and convenient storage option. Compulsive organizers can buy multiple hangers to store bras with like-colored clothing. (Organize-It, $13 for set of two)


Climb on up

bra ladder

Pretty in pink, this bra ladder is about to save you time and space. Guaranteed to extend the life of your bras, there is no climbing necessary when you hang this organization device in your closet or laundry room. (Amazon, $13)


One size fits all

box lingerie storage

Get the ultimate in drawer organization for not only your bras, but your undies, too. These drawer dividers are great tools for keeping your boulder holders lump free and in plain sight. (Amazon, $20)


Display your rack

bra display

Turn your bras into a home decor staple by using the Bra-Voe. Versatile enough to mount on your wall, store in your closet or organize in your lingerie drawer, the plastic storage solution is available in white or black. (Bra-Voe, $50 for four cup molds)


The DIY version

DIY Bra storage

You spend so much money on your bras, why spend more on storing them? Create your own storage solution with Artsy Architette’s spiffy technique using wooden hangers and a few screws. Hang them on your closet door for easy access.

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