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The best way to store your bra

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to show ladies a variety of ways to store your bra. And since your bra supports you, why not support it? Convenient, simple and even cute ways to organize your most loved and hated lingerie follow.

We all have it: the messy, dreaded bra drawer

messy bra drawer

Photo credit: mommycline07

It’s a tangle, it’s a mess and it’s half of a miracle if you can find what you want in time. No need to worry. If you want a drawer that looks like this, look no further. We’ve got the best products and tools to keep your bra drawer looking great!

Drawer at Victoria's Secret

Photo credit: Live Simply by Annie

Get caught in the Boobie Trap

boobie trap

Designed to hold four bras each, the Boobie Trap is a clever design you want to be caught in. Fitting most drawer spaces, the product is perfect for keeping any type of brassiere’s shape. (Boobie Trap, $40 for five traps)


Staying in shape

bra storage solution

Keep your bras in tip-top shape with this cup holding and shaping device. Great for displaying and drying, this bra form holds cup sizes A through D. (Pretty Impress, $6)


Bra in a box

bra box

Forget shoe boxes for bra storage — purchase your very own boulder holder box! Made in Australia but available for shipping to the U.S., these boxes display your bras in a pretty and organized manner. (Bel Angelle, $15)


Cup holders

cup bra holders

There’s a strong doubt that you’ve ever referred to your twins as cupcakes, but just in case you have, you’ll love these CupCase bra holders. Available in a variety of sexy colors, you can color coordinate your holders to your bra hues. (Bubbles Bodywear, $25)


The traveling brassiere

traveling bra storage

Keep your brassieres from getting lumpy in your drawer or suitcase with adorable bra storage cases. With varying designs, you are sure to find the perfect fit (pun intended). (AliExpress, $9)

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