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20 Reasons to road-trip this weekend

Too often, our minds are full of reasons why we can’t just enjoy ourselves. For once, here’s a list of all the reasons why you can and should enjoy yourself on a weekend road trip this fall.

Couple on a road trip


Save on the cost of plane tickets

The costs of traveling by car are roughly the same for one person as they are for a family of seven, so you won’t need to shell out the thousands of dollars you’d need to spend for air travel.


Plan your costs ahead of time

You can budget the gasoline costs of your road trip by using My Trip Calculator from the U.S. Department of Energy.


Avoid the high cost of restaurants

Pack lunches, snacks and beverages to enjoy as you travel.


Rest your weary bones on the cheap

You can save a ton of money by camping at night rather than staying at a hotel. You can bring your camping gear in the car.


You won’t have to rent a car

One of the primary costs of traveling by plane is the expense of a rental car once you land. But if you road-trip, your car will already be with you.


Visit oddball sites

No one thinks to stop at the World’s Largest Ball of Twine (in Cawker City, Kansas, by the way) unless they’re actually driving by it on a road trip. But when you’re road-tripping, why not stop?


Enjoy restaurants that are off the beaten path

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten biscuits and gravy at a truck stop or seen a 64-ounce steak at an old-fashioned steakhouse.


View the beauty of “flyover states”

If you’re always jet-setting across America, you can miss some of the quaint beauty of small towns. Enjoy the culture and kindness of destinations that you’d bypass if not for the road trip.


Savor the changing fall colors

The best way to enjoy nature is to watch it fly by through a car window — unless you stop the car to take pictures with your family.


Make each stop a special memory

Don’t just hole up in a Motel 6 after driving for 12 hours. Drive fewer hours each day so you can stop and fully enjoy each destination.


Stop to take pictures

Speaking of that giant ball of twine, you’ll enjoy outside-the-box photo opportunities at unique destinations if you travel by car.


See top-notch state and national parks

It’s just too difficult to see some of America’s best wildlife when you have to travel by plane and rent a car.



OK, sing-alongs might not seem like a selling point, but you’ll be surprised at the lovely memories you make as you brainstorm ways to pass the time together.


Enjoy beloved time wasters

Speaking of passing the time, you’ll need to read magazines, play crossword puzzles and write a journal of your trip. After all, how often do you actually take time to just let yourself relax?


Take a mental picture of the sunset

You’ll be surprised at just how magical it is to watch the sunset over the horizon in the middle of nowhere.


Communication is key

Your kids will have to actually learn to communicate with one another! They’ll only use their LeapPads and iPods for so long on a road trip. Eventually, they’ll need to play games together and actually talk.


Patience is a virtue

The kids will learn to enjoy the views and stop grumbling about the length of travel (eventually).


There are countless educational opportunities

Road trips afford the family an opportunity to see American history up close and personal.


Interesting information

Consider all of the interesting information the kids will learn! Your kids can view different climates, geographies and environments while learning all-important map skills.


Your marriage will thank you

It’s not just the kids who will enjoy time communicating with one another. Imagine how good it will feel to share good, uninterrupted conversation with your spouse as you drive.


What’s your excuse to road-trip? Share with us in the comments below!

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