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How to make the most selling clothes at a consignment store

New and used fashion recycle stores are popping up everywhere. They’re a great place to buy cute clothes and to earn some cash by selling your hand-me-downs!

Consingment store

The task may seem daunting, but by following these steps, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Prepare the goods

  • Clean out your closet: It’s good to purge your clothing regularly. Go through your closet and make a pile to sell and a pile to donate. This way, you’re helping others and making some cash!
  • Consider the season: Most stores only buy clothing that is seasonally appropriate. Don’t try to sell a fur coat in July; hang on to it until winter rolls around. If you’re unsure, check out the store’s website or call ahead to see what they’re currently buying.
  • Consider the current trends: If your item was popular when Bush was president, consider its relevance today. If it’s still current or is an awesome vintage piece, bring it in. If it’s completely outdated, toss it in the donate pile.
  • Don’t sell your smelly old T-shirt: Stores want high-quality items. Only sell clean clothing that isn’t damaged or distressed. You wouldn’t want to buy someone else’s dirty clothes. Throw the clothes in the wash or break out the ironing board before taking them in.

Step 2: Get your game face on

  • Grab your ID: Some stores don’t sell to minors unless there’s an adult present. Check the store’s site or call ahead to be sure of their policy.
  • Go earlier in the day: The earlier you head to the store, the less clothing they have already purchased for the day. If you head in at the end of the day, they may have already bought too many pieces and could say no to yours.
  • The haul: Pack your clothes in a bag or box and make your way to the closest fashion recycling store!
  • The moment of truth: Put your name down on the selling list. There is often a line, so take this time to look around the store (and buy even more clothes that you probably don’t need).

Step 3: Count your earnings

  • Get the most bang for your buck: Stores offer a trade price or an in-store credit. The in-store credit is usually considerably more, but the trade is cash that you can use on anything. Weigh the benefits of both and decide which one is more valuable for you.

Step 4: Don’t wait, donate

  • Share the love: Don’t just throw away the clothes that the store didn’t buy, donate them! Add them to the donate pile from your closet and head over to a donation site and give them to someone who will love them. For advice on donating, check out SheKnows Cares!

By the end of the selling process, you’ll have a cleaner closet (aka space for more clothes), some cash (for more clothes) and even some good karma. Good luck!

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