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Product review: TanTowel Full-Body Classic Towelettes

Towels aren’t just for the beach — they can assist in achieving glowing skin, sans sun.


Product Review: TanTowel Full-Body Classic TowelettesName of product:

TanTowel Full-Body Classic Towelettes (, $24 plus $4 shipping & handling for a 6-pack online)

What the product claims to do:

Provide the look of a sun-kissed tan quickly and easily with no mess and a streak-free, beautifully even look of a tan, which develops within hours.

How it worked for me:

It created color evenly on the skin.

How this product looks and feels:

The moist towel is easy to use and disposable.

What I liked about this product:

For a deeper tan, another towel can be used four hours later.

What I would change about this product:

I would change the fact that you must reapply two to three times a week to maintain the tan.

Describe the application process, how often you used the product and for how long:

Unfold towelette, apply to dry, clean skin in a circular motion all over the body. Moisturize to enhance tan.

Describe the results you saw over four hours:

My tan developed and was apparent.

I would recommend this product for:

Women who want a tan for two to three days and no longer (without reapplication).

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