Carving a pumpkin is frustrating as hell. It's slimy. It's messy. It's a tad dangerous and — most of all — our pumpkins never ever come out looking the way we intended. It's enough to make you want to throw in the towel and skip the whole rigmarole every year. But, alas, carving up those jack-o'-lanterns is a time-honored tradition that cannot be skipped. Plus, we're being pretty dramatic here. Pumpkin-carving is super-fun. Especially when you have the right carving templates that help your creations turn into something recognizable.

With a road map to your pumpkin-y work of art that is to come, you might just be able to chill out and enjoy the moment. And if you're using a template, the odds of you stabbing yourself in the hand with a dull carving knife decrease by a lot (at least, in our opinions). Here's where to get some of the best pumpkin-carving templates on the internet that are totally free.

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Whether looking for a funny face or a spooky scene, we've got your pumpkin-carving needs covered with a few dozen free templates. For the kiddos, we've got custom Finding Dory and Frozen pumpkin carving templates, and for the adults, we've got The Donald and The Hillary.

2. Pumpkin Masters

Filled with a few traditional pumpkin-carving ideas and a few out of the box, Pumpkin Masters has free templates that are perfect for the whole family.

3. SpookMaster

Offering five regular free templates and a daily freebie, SpookMaster has the traditional look you're craving this Halloween.

4. Halloween Pumpkins

With 38 free patterns to choose from, it's nearly a guarantee that everyone in the family will be able to find the perfect match for their pumpkin.

5. Pumpkin Pile

Choose from a traditional Halloween scene to superheroes to blockbuster hits with the hundreds of free patterns available on Pumpkin Pile.

6. Think Geek

The annual pumpkin-carving template contest on Think Geek also proves for some pretty cute, unique and free templates!

7. Star Wars Blog

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Then carve your favorite character for free with the Star Wars Blog stencils.

8. Angry Birds Nest

Another fan frenzy site, the Angry Birds Nest provides game lovers with free templates of the flying characters.

9. Nest of Posies

There's no need to fear finding a simple template with Nest of Posies' 15 free carving patterns.

10. Disney Family

They've got so many cute ideas, it's hard to know where to begin. We suggest starting with an easy classic, like Jack Skellington, and working your way up to Snow White.

11. Pumpkin Lady

The Pumpkin Lady has you covered with a few hundred fun and unique free patterns, including an all-American scene for your front porch extravaganza.

12. The Mommy-Files

Did your kiddos love Despicable Me 2 this summer? Give them the joy of carving out this little Minion on their pumpkin.

13. Spoonful

Carve your favorite Disney character with these free printable templates on Spoonful.

14. City Girl Farming Blog

Want a rooster for your front porch? Carve this guy for free from City Girl Farming Blog!

15. Speckless

Inspired by the vintage look, the blogger at Speckless created her very own rare pumpkin template.

16. Christie Speich

Help your tween carve the perfect pumpkin with these young adult patterns from Christie Speich.

17. Wolfram Blog

Do you have a mathematician in your life? Make him or her happy with these math genius templates from Wolfram Blog.

18. Babble

Ranging from easy to hard on the difficulty rating, Babble offers character stencils and fun Halloween scenes.

19. DLTK Holidays

Find easy and fun patterns for your children to carve with these freebies from DLTK Holidays.

20. Cool Pumpkin Stencils

Cool Pumpkin Stencils has created the perfect logo stencils for many of your favorite brands!

21. Design Sponge

Make your pumpkin pretty with these gorgeous flower and leaf designs from Design Sponge.

22. Every Word Handwritten

Michael Jackson fans will go wild for this Thriller pumpkin template from Every Word Handwritten.

23. Pink Raygun

Twi-hards will need this pumpkin from Pink Raygun... but only if they are Team Jacob.

24. Pink Raygun II

And for the Team Edward fans, Pink Raygun also has this love-locked template available.

25. Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Just like the title of the blog, these templates are really awesome and free!

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Originally published September 2013. Updated October 2017.

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26. Celebrating Halloween

From Spider-Man to our president, these pumpkin-carving templates from Celebrating Halloween are too fun to deny.

27. Dark Horse

Create your own dark horse or other freaky jack-o'-lanterns with these fun patterns from Dark Horse.

28. Woo Jr.

We're kind of obsessed with these adorable SpongeBob carving templates, meant exclusively for young carvers.

29. Pumpkin Carving Online

From animals to famous people, Pumpkin Carving Online has more than a dozen free templates for you to choose from.

30. Better Homes and Gardens

Because everyone needs an emoji carved into their pumpkin, at least once in the new millennium. These BHG templates range from the thumbs-up emoji to the silly ghost.

31. Penny Carnival

This acorn surface-carved design from Penny Carnival is too cute not to add to your porch this Halloween!

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32. HGTV

For beginner to advanced pumpkin-carving skills, HGTV has free and fun designs for your Halloween needs.

33. The Blue Brick

Another surface-carved design, this free template from The Blue Brick is bursting with love.

34. From China Village

This leafy design at From China Village is a great template meant for autumn lovers.

35. Motherhood on the Rocks

Click over to Motherhood on the Rocks for 20 cute and free pumpkin-carving templates.

Image: Peter Martinecz/EyeEm/Getty Images

36. Zombie Pumpkins

Pikachu is their latest level 2 template that is totally on trend (and still totally free).

37. Catch My Party

These jack-o'-lantern templates from Catch My Party have funny and scary faces at your fingertips.

38. Flat Sixes

Car enthusiasts will hardly be able to resist this hot Porsche template from Flat Sixes.

39. My Home Ideas

Your jack-o'-lantern will be all (creepy) smiles with this full range of classic pumpkin carving patterns.

40. Parents

There is nothing scary about these pumpkin templates offered by

41. Orange & Black Pumpkins

These free character templates from Orange & Black are sure to please movie goers this Halloween.

42. Pumpkin Carving Templates

There are many designs for you to choose from at this site devoted to just pumpkin-carving templates.

43. Reader's Digest

These silly and cute pumpkin-carving patterns from Reader's Digest are sure to put a smile on your face.

44. Martha Stewart

If you want the perfect pumpkin to match your perfect fall decor, Martha Stewart most certainly has your pumpkin-carving needs covered.

45. PBS Kids

Carving Curious George, Daniel Tiger or Peg into a pumpkin is going to make your kids' year.

46. Country Living

Find a great addition to your country decor with these unique templates from Country Living.

47. Taste of Home

Add some cute to your decor with these entertaining templates from Taste of Home.

48. WWF

No, this isn't the WWF you're thinking of -- it's even better. The World Wildlife Fund has made their best and cutest animal-themed pumpkin carving templates available for free.

49. The Nest

Add a cutesy look to your porch with The Nest's adorable design.

50. Amazing Goodwill

Goodwill really is amazing with all of these fabulous free templates!