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22 Cats in puffy skirts



“Lift me up, Mommy, it’s time for my solo!”

Ballerina Kitty 16

Image source: her_creative

“Feeling glammed up and gorgeous in my hot pink tutu!”

Ballerina Kitty 17

Image source: andrinekari

“I am stretched and ready for my recital!”

Ballerina Kitty 18

Image source: nesenrik

“This skirt couldn’t possibly be made for a doll when it fits me so perfectly!”

Ballerina Kitty 19

Image source: emb9876

“What else does a kitty need but plaid, polka dots and leopard print?”

Ballerina Kitty 20

Image source: jakekgh

“Don’t you dare deny how positively dashing I look in my tutu!”

Ballerina Kitty 21

Image source: oreo_kittycat

“Please can I sleep in my tutu? Can I? Can I?”

Ballerina Kitty 22

Image source: fitnessrenee

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