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22 Cats in puffy skirts


Get ready for an abundance of cuteness! These beautiful kitties are glammed up and ready to dance in their pretty tutus!


“But Mom, I don’t want to go to ballet class today!”

Ballerina Kitty

Image source: kimmermorgan

“Regardless of what you may think, I believe this skirt to be an absolute bore!”

Ballerina Kitty 2

Image source: pipeykitty

“Only the prettiest kitties sleep in tutus!”

Ballerina Kitty 3

Image source: sammiebelle

“Purple is for royal kitties, just like me!”

Ballerina Kitty 4

Image source: ruthieirene

“Don’t you think this is my best side… or shoud I say my prettiest?”

Ballerina Kitty 5

Image source: rikukadoll

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