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12 Autumn centerpieces you can make for free

One amazing pastime to consider this season is creating a lovely fall centerpiece. Whether for the living room, dining room or elsewhere, it can be an amazing reminder of autumn’s natural beauty. Here are some budget-friendly fall centerpiece ideas that you can make with surrounding foliage, and even items in your home.


Dip-dyed pinecones

Dip-dyed pine cones

Pinecones should be plentiful as the season progresses, so take every opportunity to collect them for your centerpiece. Funtober has a great dip-dyed pinecone centerpiece project that takes ordinary foliage and turns it into something grand. All you need for the transformation are pinecones and acrylic paint. Don’t forget the paintbrush.


Birch bark candles

Birch bark candles

Upgrade your pillar candles with a decorative covering made out of birch bark. Kim from Sand & Sisal shows us how to make gorgeous birch bark candles that will cast a wonderful glow during those fall evenings.


Upcycled branch candleholder

Upcycled branch candle holder

If you have pesky pine branches in your backyard, turn them into amazing candleholders for your tables. This is a great way to not only rid yourself of unwanted outdoor clutter but also introduce rustic elements of the outdoors into your abode. Catherine from The Pink Doormat has an intermediate upcycled branch candleholder project for you to try.


DIY autumn leaf bowl

DIY autumn leaf bowl

The ladies over at Hello Lucky sure know how to make something special and unique. The DIY autumn leaf bowl takes ordinary foliage and turns it into something useful — like a container. This is the perfect way to preserve your fall leaves for future use.


Twig flowerpots

Twig flower pots

Just as with branches, you can find a great use for twigs — even their thin and sometimes fragile bodies have a second purpose. Nini Makes shows us how to craft up very easy DIY twig flowerpots that you can actually use year round. They make for a wonderful container to store autumn blooms and other decorative items.


Onion skin dyed decorative eggs

Onion skin dyed decorative eggs

For the most part, many people have eggs in their refrigerator. If you’re in this group, you can whip up some decorative eggs in a nonculinary way. Marie over at Scissors and Spoons has a fun onion skin dyed decorative egg craft that turns these ordinary edibles into fall centerpiece fillers.


DIY lightbulb pears

DIY lightbulb pears

Packing twine has quickly become a common household item for binding together trash and recycling, packaging boxes and, of course, decorating. If you happen to have any lying around, consider making one of these DIY lightbulb pears. Todd and Lindsey have created a very simple item that will give your table great texture.


Golden foliage

Golden foliage

Turn up the color on your table with golden-hued foliage. You can use ordinary outdoor items like pinecones and acorns to do the job. Amy from Creative Soul Spectrum shows us just how easy golden foliage can be.


Fall lantern

Fall lantern

Not all fall centerpieces have to use vases. If you have any lanterns lying around from the summer months, turn them into amazing fall decorative items. Michelle from Sweet Something Designs gives us the inspiration needed to assemble a fall lantern. Head outdoors to collect pinecones, leaves and other exterior foliage that you’ll need.


Coffee bean centerpiece

Coffee bean centerpiece

Look to your kitchen cabinets or pantry for unused coffee beans to craft up your autumn centerpiece. Julia from Calm Cradle reveals the simplicity of coffee bean centerpieces and the wonderful aroma they deliver.


Fall leaf lantern

Fall leaf lantern

Leaves are the quintessential symbol of fall that looks marvelous both outside and in our homes. One way to show off their beauty is by making Mason jar lanterns adorned in fall foliage. Erlend of Morning Creativity has a beautiful tutorial to achieve the fall leaf lantern.


Doily-decoupaged wine bottles

Doily decoupaged wine bottles

Rather than toss your used wine bottles into the recycling, upcycle them. Kirstin from Craftiments has a very simple and quite lovely doily-decoupaged wine bottle craft for you to try at home. The end result is elegant and perfect for the fall table.

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Main image source: Owen Parrish

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