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Why we love Halloween at Disneyland

Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth every day, but they really kick it up a notch for Halloween. Magical princesses and spooky pumpkins combine to create a magically scary place the whole family will love.

Disneyland Halloween

Disney is known for bringing things to life and making the magical believable. At Disneyland, Halloween is no exception. The park and staff go all out to make the holiday special. Spending a day at Disney is a great way to not only celebrate the holiday, but also to make memories as a family. Here are five reasons we love Disneyland at Halloween.


Costumes are everywhere

It’s common to see children dressed as princesses and other Disney characters year-round at Disneyland, but costumes are even more encouraged during the Halloween celebration. Not only are kids’ costumes taken to a new level, many of the beloved Disney characters get into the Halloween spirit as well!


The decorations

Disney takes decorating very seriously, and the decorations during Halloween Time never fail to impress. There are hundreds of pumpkins on Main Street, photo opportunities throughout the park and Halloween touches everywhere!


Mickey’s Halloween Party

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a widely-anticipated event you can attend during Halloween Time. It’s one of the only times adults are encouraged to wear costumes to Disneyland! Plus, during Mickey’s Halloween Party, kids get the opportunity to trick or treat inside the park for an incredibly cool and unique experience. Tickets are required for this event, and you can find more of the details here.


The Haunted Mansion makeover and more

One of my favorite things about Halloween Time at Disneyland is the makeover of the Haunted Mansion. Jack Skellington and his crew transform the ride into The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is truly a remarkable transformation and tons of fun for the family. Other rides throughout the park take on a Halloween appearance, including Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror over in California Adventure. It’s hard not to get in the spirit when even the rides are decked out!


The fireworks

Disneyland is no stranger to amazing firework shows, but many will argue that the fireworks during Halloween Time are the best of the year. There are images projected, smoke and amazing lights. It is sure to awe year after year.

Beyond the above, Disneyland goes out of its way to make the holiday memorable. There are arts and crafts available to do throughout the park, holiday-themed treats to eat and fun to be had by all. Halloween Time at Disneyland typically runs from mid-September until October 31.

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