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Before & after: 15 Fireplace surrounds made over


Diane Henkler

Diane Henkler creates affordable decorating ideas to inspire personal style and creative living.

Diane Henkler's fireplace makeover

About her fireplace makeover, Diane says, “I painted the red brick white and liked it for years until I learned that I could get a stone fireplace completed in one afternoon for around $150 with AirStone!”


Kathleen Perkins

Kathleen Perkins, interior designer, real estate maven, stager, design concierge, and bathroom and kitchen specialist, has emerged as an expert and veteran design professional who has developed multimillion-dollar projects from conception to completion.

Kathleen Perkins' fireplace makeover

About her fireplace makeover, Kathleen says, “The fireplace on this wall was bricked over entirely. When I designed a luxury bathroom created from an entire studio apartment unit, I decided to make it very simple. I just opened it up and kept the wall flush for an elegant, low-key look.”


Jess Jackson and Monica Mangin

Jess Jackson and Monica Mangin are best friends who are passionate about DIY and design. They keep things real (sometimes really real) on their blog where they share tips on how to DIY (and perhaps some on how not to!) and hope to inspire readers to live authentically, dream big and take a few risks in their homes. Jess and Monica have two fireplace makeovers to share.

Jess Jackson and Monica Mangin's fireplace makeover

About her fireplace makeover, Jess says, “I used chalk paint, a stencil and a steady hand to transform the dated, ugly peach tile surround into a gorgeous, show-stopping fireplace with tons of style!”


Monica's fireplace makeover

And about her fireplace makeover, Monica says, “I completely changed the look of this old, brassy fireplace with dated red brick by first whitewashing all of the brick, painting the mantel a pretty gray color and then spray-painting the brassy surround. The result is a fireplace wall that totally changes the look of the entire space… And the best part is that it only took one day to do!”

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