Has the ombre trend faded out?

If you thought the ombre trend was going anywhere anytime soon, think again! The faded look is definitely here to stay, and we’ve got the lowdown on just how to rock it. Peep these tips for picking out the perfect color, pulling off the trend and more.

Drew Barrymore's ombre hair

Step 1: Hit up Pinterest for hair inspiration

When in doubt, Pinterest is always our go-to! Pull up the popular social media site on your laptop or cellphone, and in the search box, simply type in different combinations (try ombre, ombre hair, ombre style, etc.) until you find a few ombre photos that inspire you. Pin them onto your own beauty board or email the pictures to yourself. Remember to jot down what you like about each one, though, so you can be sure to communicate it effectively to your hairstylist later.

Step 2: Decide on a color

Perhaps you’re a bleach blonde who wants to go ombre for fall, or maybe you have dark hair and think it could use a little lightening up this season? Either way, you’ll need to choose the right color for you. If you’re unsure, show your inspiration pictures to family and friends and ask for their opinions. Sometimes, a hair color that looks great on a celebrity just won’t flatter your particular skin tone. The people who know you best can usually help point this out, as can your hairstylist.

Step 3: Figure out how much contrast you want

To keep it subtle or not to keep it subtle — that is the big question! Ombre hair can look extremely natural (think Lauren Conrad). On the other hand, it can look like you need a trip to the hair salon stat to touch up those roots. Decide whether or not you’re going for shock factor with a crazy color contrast or if you want something that won’t draw attention to you at the office.

Step 4: Choose where your fade should start

All ombres are not created equal. Some start very high up on the head, fading into a new color quickly, while others wait until the tips to introduce a new shade. For beginners, we recommend trying the latter. If you like the way that turns out, then you can always opt for more ombre the next time around.

Step 5: Go to the hair salon

Now that you know exactly what you want, grab your phone and make an appointment with your hairstylist ASAP. Don’t forget to bring in your inspiration pictures when the big day finally arrives. These will enable your hairstylist to re-create the ombre you crave.


Confidence is crucial: The key to pulling off any new look is to rock it with some confidence. Pair your hair with a cool top that really makes your ombre color pop. Add a few curls. Put on makeup. The better you feel about yourself, the more that confidence will shine through.

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