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11 Things you never knew could be mailed

7. Sugar cookies

Valentine's day

Make your partner’s day a sweet one with these creative sugar cookie postcards. And, of course, you can’t forget the sprinkles.

Click here for tutorial>>

8. Chipotle burrito


Stuff that package with fresh rice, beans, melting cheese, a warm tortilla and guacamole that doesn’t cost extra. OK, so it’s not exactly a real Chipotle burrito, but it still looks delicious.

Click here for tutorial>>

9. Steak


If your dad loves a good steak that has a memorable and savoring flavor and leaves his taste buds wanting more, then look no further for a special Father’s Day gift. Make him hungry for some meat with this T-bone steak that fits in the mailbox.

Click here for tutorial>>

10. Waffles


Rich butter. Sticky syrup. Doughy deliciousness. Oh, I’m sorry, where were we? Right… it’s a waffle postcard, but come on, it looks real.

Click here for tutorial>>

11. Gingerbread Man

gingerbread men

Enlighten someone’s holiday with a fairy tale. Send out a Gingerbread Man to Santa and thank him for the gifts, or send one to a friend or family member that loves creativity. And they don’t even have to live on Drury Lane. Oh, wait, that’s the Muffin Man.

Click here for tutorial>>

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