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Cozy fall fashion: What it says about the star’s personality

Not all sweaters are created equal. Here’s the lowdown on what fall fashion picks reveal about the stars wearing them.

What we wear each and every day says so much about who we are, what we value, what we’re trying to show off to the world, and most importantly, what we’re trying to hide. Let’s take a look at a few celebrity fall fashion looks to uncover what these outwardly cozy styles convey about their inner world.

Rachel Zoe: Fashion as a security blanket

What does Rachel Zoe's fall outfit mean?

Some celebrities, like stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe, embrace fall fashion as a chance to feel more protected. At a recent launch event, the uber skinny stylist wore an oversized black and white jacket with a unique sleeve, highlighting that fashion is her security blanket, and her tool for protecting herself from the harsh world.

More confident in her fashion sense than her looks, she always embraces over-the-top styles that draw people’s eye to her clothing, taking the focus away from her. It’s the fashion that’s being critiqued, not her personality or her looks… making her feel safe.

The loose black pants show that she doesn’t want her body as the focus. This desire to feel protected extends to her personal relationships (husband, friends and at work). She likes comforting figures around her who she can trust completely.

Jennifer Garner: Comfortable in my own skin

What does Jennifer Garner's fall outfit mean?

Jennifer Garner may be one of Hollywood’s favorite leading ladies, but her relaxed autumn outfit reveals that she’s most comfortable dressed down, natural and relaxing with family and friends.

The faded flat suede boots reflect her down to earth, grounded personality. The faded denim jeans are more utilitarian than high fashion, which shows her innate practicality. The simple round neck blue sweater is indicative of someone who is comfortable in their own skin and a tomboy at heart.

Gwen Stefani: Restless ambition

What does Gwen Stefani's fall outfit mean?

Gwen Stefani’s fall fashion reflects her mix of ambition with a youthful, rebellious spirit.

Her hair is perfectly coiffed and makeup expertly applied, indicating her love of the spotlight and deep ambition. Her leggings and converse sneakers are the hallmarks of a youthful, restless spirit… someone who always wants to do more, see more, be more.

No matter what her age, Gwen always feels very connected to youth culture and sees herself as a left of center musician who happens to be living the superstar life, not the other way around.

The oversized black jacket and shades reveal that she’s built a tough skin to protect her secretly sensitive inner self. She may look strong, but she’s got a soft center.

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