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5 Tips for sticking with your summer diet

In the summer, encouragement to stay fit is everywhere. Pool parties that require tiny bikinis and weather so hot that you’re practically forced to wear those jean shorts you fear are all the pressure you need to start your summer health kick. But what happens when the weather changes?

Woman on fall hike

So you’re on the right track, you set a goal for yourself and you have been doing everything possible to reach it. You have said no to the chips and dip and have limited your froyo intake, but suddenly the season changes. Does this mean everything you have worked so hard for has to go away? With fall comes the holiday season, and the things we value most from it — mashed potatoes and Grandma’s pie (and baggy sweaters that hide the evidence).

Don’t fear, you can keep the body you worked all summer for just by sticking to these steps:


Keep your goal in mind

You made healthy changes for a reason. Remember it and remind yourself of it whenever you’re tempted to get off track. Have a favorite inspirational quote? Put it on your mirror to remind yourself of it daily.


Track your progress

Go through your tagged photos on Facebook (scary, I know) and find a before. Recognize the changes in your body because of your healthier habits.


Make a health pact with a friend

Having a partner in your health journey is incredibly beneficial. Share your goals with a friend and support hers. Plan weekly workouts or share healthy recipes.


Stay active

The fall may be a bit chillier, but don’t let the colder weather keep you from getting physical. Work out indoors or take advantage of the days that aren’t too nippy by following some winter outdoor workouts.


Reward yourself in moderation

You should enjoy life. You work hard to be healthy, so take a day to rest from your squat challenge. The key is to get right back on track the next day.


The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your healthy lifestyle. Ignore the change in the seasons and keep doing what has been working for you — that way you can have your bikini body year-round!

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