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13 Evil villains who own cats

If you haven’t noticed, a villain and his cat go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are 13 famous villains and their kitty companions.


Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth

Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Perhaps the most famous of the evil kitty brood is Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies. Just as sinful as his owner Dr. Evil, he was a staple in the trilogy.


Gargamel and Azrael

Gargamel and Azrael

Photo credit: Dupuis

Gargamel and Azrael are a Smurf-snapping-ly malicious pair. And although he later escapes his master in The Smurfs, Azrael never loses his evil ways.


Lady Tremaine and Lucifer

Lady Tremaine


Photo credit: Disney

Just as wicked as Cinderella‘s evil stepmother, Lucifer is downright sneaky. Up to no good and with an appetite for mice, this kitty is as rude as they get.


Doctor Claw and MAD Cat

Doctor Claw and M.A.D

Photo credit: DIC Entertainment

A constant companion, the fat MAD Cat from Inspector Gadget both reaps the rewards of Doctor Claw’s victories and sadly feels the upsets of his defeats. And as any sidekick should, he has his own catchphrase of “meow” at the end of every episode.


Cruella De Vil and Sergeant Tibbs

Cruella De Vil

Photo credit: Disney

In the original story of 101 Dalmatians, there was a kitty character. And although he wasn’t directly owned by Ms. De Vil, he was just as cruel(la).


The Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat
(Alice in Wonderland)

The Queen of Hearts

The Cheshire Cat

Photo credit: Disney

Although the first scene is in the Duchess’ home, Cheshire Cat later shows his evil grin on the Queen of Hearts’ croquet field, suggesting that he may be a part of her evil scheme.


Angelica and Fluffy

Angelica and Fluffy

Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Constantly at Tommy and the other rugrats’ tail was Angelica and her feline friend Fluffy. As villainous as she was to “those babies,” her kitty was the keeper of Angelica’s foul plans.


Dolores Umbridge and her Persian Patronus

Dolores Umbridge and Persian Patronous

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Dolores Umbridge was the ultimate cat lover in the Harry Potter series. Not only did she have cat plates and scarves in her office, but her Patronus was a Persian cat… which kind of makes her the evil villain and cat too.


Filch and Mrs. Norris

Flich and Mrs. Norris

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

If Filch wasn’t the ultimate villain in the Harry Potter series, he most certainly was against everything Harry and his crew were up to… and so was his cat. Harry’s feline foe, Mrs. Norris, was connected to Filch so much that she would let him in on any wrongdoings happening at Hogwarts.


Roger Klotz and Stinky

Roger Klotz and Stinky

Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Dougs very rude bully Roger Klotz is always trying to make Doug’s day worse by making fun of him in front of the beloved Patty Mayonnaise. And when off of school grounds, Klotz’s lady cat Stinky likes to join in the fun.


Aunt Sarah, Si and Am

Aunt Sarah, Li and Am

Photo credit: Disney

So, Aunt Sarah wasn’t the villain in Lady and the Tramp, but her two Siamese cats most certainly were. Rude and filled with trouble, these kitties caused Lady to become muzzled after causing havoc in the house.


Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Oliver

Ernst Stravo Blofeld and Oliver

Photo credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

With an ambition for world domination, the James Bond super-villain had no room in his life but for his beloved kitty Oliver. Always perched on his lap, the Turkish Angora received much love during the hatching of Ernst’s evil plans.


Vito Corleone and Cannoli

Vito Corleone and Cannoli

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

It is said that The Godfather‘s original script did not call for a cat, but after finding a stray on set, the cat became a staple in the famous film. As the head of the most powerful mafia in New York, Vito didn’t seem the type to have love for a kitty, so it seemed appropriate to keep the scene in the movie.

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