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Pups and pumpkins: These dogs are works of art

Pumpkin the dog

Pups and Pumpkins: 11

Image source: famous_fairy via Instagram

Don’t just carve out Fido on a pumpkin, create a full-on pumpkin sculpture of him. Focusing on the smaller details, this pumpkin sculpture even includes the necessary bright red tongue.

No idea? Carve an Akita!

Pups and Pumpkins: 12

Image source: meggers_xoxo via Instagram

Need a pumpkin-carving idea? This Akita doesn’t need an idea when he’s got himself. Intricate details make this Akita’s face just as handsome as the real thing.


Pups and Pumpkins:

Image source: meggers_xoxo via Instagram

Turn your family pet into Frankenweenie. All you need to do is etch out a few scars and cuts, and he’ll be just as frightening as the cartoon character himself.

A member of the wolf pack

Pups and Pumpkins: 14

Image source: katiestreeter_ via Instagram

As we know, your Fido is probably the sweetest doggie on the planet. So give him a little edge this Halloween by turning him into the member of the wolf pack. Carve out a side shot of him and add a little bit of fang for some frightening depth.

Pup in a pumpkin

Pups and Pumpkins: 15

Image source: kirstylowrey

OK, so it’s not the family dog on a pumpkin, but it is the family dog in a pumpkin. With the most hilarious expression, this pup looks absolutely, um, thrilled to be inside a pumpkin.

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