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Pups and pumpkins: These dogs are works of art

Mini pooch

Pups and Pumpkins: 6

Image source: lifesabeach1226 via Instagram

Instead of giving Fido the full pumpkin image, paint his face on a mini pumpkin. Animated and oh so darling, these little guys are irresistible to cuddle with, even as pumpkins.

Chocolate Lab love

Pups and Pumpkins: 7

Image source: thejanellepoitras via Instagram

Who doesn’t love a chocolate Lab? And who doesn’t love a pumpkin? Put the two together and you’ve got pure, glowing magic.

The Scottie and his pumpkin

Pups and Pumpkins: 8

Image source: bonnieportraits via Instagram

His owner didn’t just carve this Scottish terrier his very own pumpkin, he carved him a friend, too. Showing his love and devotion for his very own portrait, this Scottie is lovin’ on… himself.

Orange Lab

Pups and Pumpkins: 9

Image source: ttraceykkimppascal via Instagram

He was a yellow Lab until his owner turned him orange. A great portrait, Ben the Lab is just as cute in pumpkin form as he is in his natural state of dog.

Tall and proud

Pups and Pumpkins: 10

Image source: wabisabimo via Instagram

This little guy’s owner rescued him and then turned him tall and proud by carving his portrait onto a pumpkin. And really, what better way to show your dog love than by giving him his very own face on a pumpkin?

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