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Pups and pumpkins: These dogs are works of art

Show your love for your family pet by carving his adorable face on a pumpkin for Halloween! From fun little designs to intricate carves, these pups are pumpkin works of art.

Up-close and personal

Pups and Pumpkins: 1

Image source: 0Livejuicer via Instagram

This foxhound isn’t waiting patiently for trick-or-treaters, he’s waiting for someone to admire his pumpkin. Cute and fun, this pumpkin is the perfect rendition of Fido himself.

Pit bull’s portrait

Pups and Pumpkins: 2

Image source: miguels_dogue via Instagram

If you can’t get your pit bull to stand still for a portrait, carve it! A great sketch that includes his adorable wrinkles, Miguel’s dog glows for everyone on the block to see.

Paw on a pumpkin

Pups and Pumpkins: 3

Image source: littleredheadgrl via Instagram

Don’t think you’ve got what it take to carve a full-on portrait of Fido? Then carve a paw instead! This little pup thinks it’s cute enough to snuggle with even if it is just a paw instead of a pup.

Marley the mutt-kin

Pups and Pumpkins: 4

Image source: bexieboo91 via Instagram

Marley the mutt is cute… and even cuter with his face on a pumpkin. Let your neighbors know that your barking mutt isn’t that bad after all, by giving them the gift of your pup on a pumpkin.

Character image

Pups and Pumpkins: 5

Image source: bradrossmagic via Instagram

OK, so you’re not very keen on pumpkin carving. Use your artistic skills to draw your pup instead. This character image of little Merlin is cute enough to keep in the house past Halloween, until, of course, he starts to create a stench.

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