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25 Cats who own the runway



When it comes to cosmetics, know the colors that are right for you.

cat with nail polish

Photo credit: hairbypam via Instagram

Boys can get in on the action, too.

cat in bow tie

Photo credit: bucky_is_queen via Instagram

If you get popular enough, you’ll get spokes-cat deals.

cat with beer

Photo credit: eapplegate08 via Instagram

It helps if you learn a little about photography.

cat with camera

Photo credit: cateyesaeko via Instagram

The best pics happen when you’re just being silly.

cat with mustache

Photo credit: theccworld via Instagram

You get your best shots when you’re relaxed.

cat laying down

Photo credit: jennapolsgrove via Instagram

Nudes are OK… so long as they’re tasteful.

hairless cat

Photo credit: vasyaisthebest via Instagram

And don’t be afraid to be a little sassy.

cat resting on arm

Photo credit: morgp17 via Instagram

Sometimes you look ultra-sleek in a mundane environment.

black cat on table
Photo credit: clararod1991 via Instagram

Sometimes, you go industrial.

cat on stair railing

Photo credit: t1ja via Instagram

You also have to know how to work it in natural settings.

cat with flowers

Photo credit: fab_pb via Instagram

But no matter what, remember… the eyes have it.

cat in leaves

Photo credit: beccadutcher via Instagram

When you’re famous, the paparazzi won’t be able to resist taking pictures of you eating. Just strike a pose.

cat eating

Photo credit: shanshannss via Instagram

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