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25 Cats who own the runway


Modeling is harder than it looks (see the Instagram #duckface tag for proof). But these 25 kitties have all the advice you need on striking the perfect pose.


A good “fierce” face is a must.

cat looking fierce

Photo credit: aditahoney via Instagram

But sometimes you have to look sweet.

cat looking sweet

Photo credit: camille_elizabethh via Instagram

Know how to rock accessories.

cat wearing brimmed hat

Photo credit: joeyyaozers via Instagram

Mastering the runway takes practice.

cat on a windowsill
Photo credit: laramiekb via Instagram

When you’ve mastered it, you can throw in some oomph on the way back.

cat looking backward

Photo credit: basiccat via Instagram

Don’t just stand there. Become one with the set.

cat hiding
Photo credit: kelsey_lillian23 via Instagram

Don’t be afraid to get playful with your props.

cat biting finger
Photo credit: imzoozoogirl via Instagram

If you’ve got the confidence, underwear and bikini modeling are very lucrative.

cat wearing a bra

Photo credit: cherylc3 via Instagram

Especially if you land a Victoria’s Secret gig.

cat angel

Photo credit: misty_cat__ via Instagram

Be careful not to get typecast.

black cat with orange ribbon

Photo credit: jainapimenta via Instagram

But it’s OK to have a specialty, like hand or fitness modeling.

cat with a football

Photo credit: devinsaulsbury via Instagram

Sometimes, it pays to go short.

cat with hair cut

Photo credit: kelseyowsley via Instagram

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