15 Hilarious tattoo fails

Sep 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

These 15 hysterically bad tattoos have us thinking "Thank goodness for laser tattoo removal."

We generally try not to laugh at other people's misfortune, but seriously!? We've rounded up a list of tattoo fails that show us three things:

  1. You shouldn't get a tattoo when you're drunk.
  2. You really shouldn't get a tattoo when the artist is drunk.
  3. Tattoo needles should come with a spell check and dose of common sense.

1. Most people have issues with "their" vs. "there" vs. "they're," but this is a new one!

Their misspelled Tattoo

Image: wildbilltatman via Instagram

2. Spoke too soon...


3. Points for execution, I guess...

Daddys angel tattoo

Image: tattooinspector via Instagram

4. In fairness, we think it's sweet that he thinks love agrees with everyone.

Love conquers all tattoo

Image: failed_tattooz via Instagram

5. Obsess much? (Run, Brenda, run!)

Brenda tattoo

Image: meeka_izma_name via Instagram

6. Also, *You're.

Rose tattoo

Image: failed_tattooz via Instagram

7. No amount of spell check makes this a good idea.

Winner Winner chicken dinner

Image: techno_tan via Instagram

8. ...but clearly not spelling bee champion.

Prom Queen tattoo

Image: emilyallen125 via Instagram

9. I see your point.

Born to Lose tattoo

Image: failed_tattooz via Instagram

10. In the United States, we totally understand this kind of national pride!

Puerto rico tattoo

Image: failed_tattooz via Instagram

11. And this is what happens when tattooer and tattoo-ee are both drunk.

Clock tattoo

Image: failed_tattooz via Instagram

12. You know they sell T-shirts at concerts, right?

Concert tattoo

Image: mudcabbage via Instagram

13. I wonder what Jessica did.

girl names tattoo

Image: deedee_vodka via Instagram

14. Sounds like a country song gone wrong.

tomorrow never knows tattoo

Image: murkdaace via Instagram

15. Kitty brows?

Kitty brows tattoo

Image: tattoo_fails via Instagram

16. With every hartbeat


17. Somebody has a case of Bieber Feaver


18. Time to go back to school


19. Never don't give up


20. North America of Italy


 21. Serenitiy


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