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Best boutique hotels in Berlin

When it comes to the creative traveler, nothing dampens the experience of a beautiful city like a lackluster hotel room. It’s acceptable to indulge in a little extra foreign style when traveling to Germany’s largest city: Berlin. We’ve rounded up the best boutique hotels in this sprawling, modern city that will add true German style to your days and nights.


Soho House

Soho House Berlin

Photo credit: Soho House Berlin

Soho House Berlin attracts the city’s most creative professionals and scenesters, giving you a true culture-filled local experience. This members’ club offers some of the most contemporary luxuries Berlin has to offer — including relaxing rooms with chic decor, turquoise pools and luxe spa treatments. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a member to book one of the hotel’s 40 rooms. Guests get all the luxuries without the member price tag. Just be sure to book ahead!




Photo credit: The Cosmo

The Cosmo gives tourists the best of the big “L” word — location! This modern haven is right in the center of Berlin, surround by hip cafes, art museums and all the culture the city has to offer. The rooms have a modern romantic feel, with gray accents, neutral tones and abstract art. Simple, sexy and convenient: This one tops our list.



Circus hotel in Berlin

Photo credit: The Circus

This next pick is for the environmentally conscious traveler. The Circus embodies Berliners’ health-conscious approach to life. Whether it’s the healthier cuisine or their ethical approach to limiting their environmental impact, this hotel is wooing guests with its sustainable attitude. At every turn, you’ll find a unique touch and intriguing contemporary art accents.


Schlosshotel in Grunewald

The most romantic of our options is the Schlosshotel in Grunewald. German luxury doesn’t get better than this. Situated on one of the metro’s most beautiful, tree-lined streets, it’s hard to tell if this is an embassy or mansion. The answer would be the latter — well, at least it used to be. Adorned with crystal chandeliers, Prussian art and luxurious decor, this hotel makes for one very regal stay. With personal touches by fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld (he’s German, of course), this boutique hotel is the perfect mix of traditional and modern elegance.


Hotel Sir F.K. Savigny

Hotel Sir F.K. Savigny

For those who appreciate the elegance that comes with simplicity, Hotel Sir F.K. Savigny is worth booking. I fell in love with this black-and-white hotel for its modern, sleek design. In each superlatively stylish room you’ll find modish accents and art, including huge vintage photographs. What is especially inviting about these room is the spacious and luxurious bathroom, which every vacation should include. If you’re in town to visit the world-renowned Berlin Zoo, it’s only a 10-minute walk away. This is also a great pick for those traveling the continent with little ones.

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