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Lady Gaga’s 8 craziest hairstyles

When it came time to select eight of Lady Gaga’s craziest hair moments, I was up for the challenge. Even though her new look is a bit more toned down, Mother Monster has kept us on our toes for years with her larger-than-life hair, and we’ve had fun following every moment. Here are a few of her most hair-raising moments!


lady gaga craziest hairstyles under the sea

Under the sea, under the sea… sorry, I couldn’t help but sing the classic song from The Little Mermaid when I got a glimpse of this ‘do. Gaga says she’s been inspired by mermaids as of late, so naturally she felt the need to add all sorts of seashells to her hair. Duh.


lady gaga craziest hairstyles black and white

Sometimes, life isn’t so black and white. But Lady Gaga’s hair sure was at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. While promoting a new single, the singer wore her hair in a style that would make Cruella De Vil jealous.


lady gaga craziest hairstyles funky hair

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but you’ve got to love Gaga for committing to a look. What appears to be a funky black hair hat sits atop her long green sideswept locks for a look that screams “look at me.”


lady gaga craziest hairstyles macaroni and cheese wig

Those of you who have attended a Lady Gaga concert in the past few years will recognize her Kraft Macaroni and Cheese-colored wig! While it’s not a shade we’d rock ourselves, it sure does bring back some fond concert-going memories.


lady gaga craziest hairstyles flinstones bam bam

While I can’t be sure what Gaga’s precise inspiration for this look was, it sure does remind me of Bam Bam from The Flintstones. Take a look at her bow and you’ll get the reference!


lady gaga craziest hairstyles white wig

For the 2010 BRIT Awards, Mother Monster turned heads in a sky-high white wig that reminds me of what cotton candy looks like when it’s being spun around. She paired her larger-than-life locks with a lacy face mask and risqué ensemble.


lady gaga craziest hairstyles winter effect

OK, so technically it’s not her hair, but this still goes down as one of Lady Gaga’s most memorable ‘dos. For a performance on the Today Show, she wore her blond locks pulled back with soft bangs and added a feathery hair accessory for a wintery effect.


lady gaga craziest hairstyles straw hat

There’s a whole lot of hair going on here! To promote her own line of headphones, Gaga went with subtle waves, braids and a straw-hat like pointy hair hat.

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