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What these urban outfits really say about the stars

From shopping in West Hollywood to lunch in Malibu, when it comes to pounding the pavement, there’s no such thing as “fashion downtime” for these paparazzi-magnet Los Angeles-based celebs. So what do their carefully chosen urban outfits reveal about them? Let’s take a look.


Nicole Richie: The rebel with a cause

What doesNicole Richie's outfit mean?

She may be a mom of two, but that’s never slowed down Nicole Richie or made her feel less relevant. If anything, being a mother and wife has allowed her naturally free spirit to take flight, knowing that she always has a safe home base to return to.

Her ripped denim short shorts are the hallmark of the rebel — only these days she’s a rebel with a cause, her family.

Her black ankle boots show her desire to be protected. She may still be under the extreme scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity, but she cares less about what people say as she’s grown increasingly secure and grounded within herself.

The high fashion-forward bun is an indicator of confidence, as if to say, “I have nothing to hide.” While the oversized black leather, almost militant bag suggests that this woman doesn’t suffer fools lightly.


Teresa Palmer: Domestic bliss

What does Teresa Palmer's outfit mean?

Aussie actress Teresa Palmer could not look any more comfortable and “un-Hollywood” in this relaxed maternity style outfit. Rather than fight the transition from premiere-worthy skintight attire to loose maternity clothing, she seems to have found peace totally immersing herself in pregnancy and this domestic change of pace.

The red billowing top is for someone who isn’t trying to hide her new curvier shape. Pregnancy is obviously something she’s very proud of and has wanted for a while.

The long black skirt is modest, revealing her inner shyness and desire to have a personal life beyond fame. While the long single-strap bag is favored by those with a hippie spirit, no “it” bag for this “it” girl, she prefers nature and organic living to stiff, status-orientated city life.


Kristin Cavallari: I’m sexy and I know it

What does Kristin Cavallari's outfit mean?

Kristin’s outfit reveals a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. This blond bombshell values glamour and status and doesn’t mind who knows it.

Her designer handbag is a symbol that she wants to be viewed as a success, while its structured shape indicates that she’s not all fluff. She can be extremely disciplined and isn’t afraid of going after what she wants.

She clearly views herself as sexy and feels comfortable in the role of seductress, as shown through her ankle strap heels. On the other hand, her perfectly blown out hair and dark shades suggest she is meticulous and expects a lot of herself and others.

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