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What to do when wallpaper bubbles

Does your wallpaper have an annoying pimple that you really want to pop? Don’t despair — fixing wallpaper bubbles is a simple and painless solution that won’t deflate your wallet. These bubbles are caused by air pockets trapped between the paper and the wall, and if you procrastinate on fixing them, it may come back to haunt you later.

Living room with wallpaper

Don’t let the bubble take away your wallpaper’s beautiful finish. Learn how to pop wallpaper bubbles with these easy DIY tips.

Tools you will need

  • Sharp utility knife
  • Glue-injecting syringe (for small bubbles)
  • Damp sponge
  • Wallpaper seam roller
  • Wallpaper glue or adhesive
  • Small brush (for larger bubbles)

Popping wallpaper bubbles

To get small bubbles out of wallpaper, moisten the area with a damp cloth and use the utility knife to slit the bubble at its center. Then, placing the glue-injecting syringe behind the slit, insert a small amount of adhesive. Press against the wallpaper with the sponge and use a steam roller to flatten the repair. Use the sponge to wipe away excess glue.

If your wallpaper bubbles are larger than an inch, use the utility knife to cut an “X” into the bubble, and take a little wallpaper paste and use the small brush to cover the underside of each section made from the cut. Place the paper back on the wall in its original place, use the sponge to get rid of any excess glue, and let it dry. You’ll soon enjoy looking at your wallpaper again!

Taking care of your wallpaper

Maintaining your stylish wallpaper doesn’t have to be a tedious or difficult task. Print a Wallpaper recommends the following tips to help you preserve your wallpaper’s lifespan.

  • Wipe your wallpaper with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust.
  • Dampen a clean cloth or sponge with water and mild dishwashing soap and wipe your wallpaper gently.
  • Avoid using hard scrubbing pads and rub gently to move any dust so that you don’t tear or damage the wallpaper.
  • Do not use strong chemical-based detergents, because they can damage the smooth surface finish.
  • Avoid colored cleaning solutions, because they may cause your wallpaper to stain.

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