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Get gorgeous: End of winter beauty tips

Dana Ramos of The Skin Regime shares her secrets on how to pull through the winter cold with these simple ideas below to reboot the way you look and feel — in a good way!

Woman drinking water


Take a deep breath

No time to get a big workout in? Reboot your body and mind with a few minutes a day of deep breathing and stretching and mild exercise such as lunges, squats, push-ups and sit-ups. It will get your blood and feel-good endorphins circulating, put a glow in your face and that in turn might motivate you to hit the gym tomorrow. Remember — even a little something is better than nothing.

Hydrate your inside

We are still in winter and your insides are as dry as your skin probably is. Commit to eight or more glasses of water a day — punch it up with a little no-calorie flavor with a drop of Mio Water Enhancer or Crystal Light, or better yet, make a huge batch of healthy fruit-flavored tea. Pour some in a water bottle to take along with you to sip in the car, at the gym or at work.

Hydrate your outside

Moisturize your skin by using coconut oil — available in most supermarkets and health food stores. You can use it straight from the jar as a body butter or massage oil, or let a couple of tablespoons dissolve in the bathtub for a great way to moisturize your entire body while you relax. Another fantastic and non-pore-blocking oil for the face is pure emu oil — great for dry or irritated skin. Visit for a great emu oil resource.

Get your omega-3

fish oil

Add fish oil to your diet, like the odorless and tasteless supplements made by Nordic Naturals or Nature’s Bounty. Fish oil is good for the heart, eyes, joints and brain — and your skin.

Get glossy

Add gloss or glaze to your hair. Your salon can do this or you can take a few minutes to do it yourself much cheaper at home. Gloss can be put right on top of your natural or colored hair to add shine, body and strength. They are ammonia-free and last up to 28 shampoos. Try Clairol’s Natural Instincts or my own favorite — L’Oreal’s Healthy Look. Most glosses have a little color that you match to your own hair color, but for a clear glaze you can use in the shower, try John Frieda’s Luminous Clear Glaze Clear Shine Gloss.

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