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Can stem cells help repair your skin?

We’re chatting with Dr. Simon Craw of the International Stem Cell Corporation to get the scoop on this hot new skin care brand. Its main appeal? The use of stem cells to repair damaged skin!

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Dr. Simon CrawLovingYou: There’s been a lot of talk about stem cells in the news the past few years, and they’re at the root of Lifeline. For anyone who’s a little concerned when they hear the words stem cells, can you explain what they are and how they’re used in your products?

Dr. Simon Craw: A stem cell is a special type of cell integral to early development and tissue regeneration. Stem cells contain a large number of fundamental proteins called growth factors that are needed for the proper development of the body’s organs and tissues.

Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care products extract proteins, peptides and growth factors from non-embryonic, human parthenogenetic stem cells which were first developed by the International Stem Cell Corporation. These stem cells are created from unfertilized human eggs. No viable embryo is destroyed in the creation of these cells, so there are no ethical complications.

LY: So why exactly are stem cells good for our skin?

SC: Stem cells are usually dormant in our bodies; they go to work when they detect injury and recognize the need for repair or regeneration. That’s their purpose in life — to repair damaged tissue. The stem cell extracts in Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care help detect damaged and photoaged skin cells and stimulate the skin’s own abilities to repair itself. Stem cell extracts also help to increase skin thickness, therefore making the skin less vulnerable to premature aging.

Lifeline Defense Day Moisture Serum and Recovery Night Moisture SerumLY: What kinds of results have you seen in company tests so far from people who’ve used the products?

SC: A clinical study was conducted by Bioscreen Clinical Services. The regimen included daily use of both Lifeline Defense Day Moisture Serum and Recovery Night Moisture Serum. Through the eight week clinical trial, subjects saw smoother, brighter and healthier-looking skin.

LY: Do you see this use of stem cells taking off with other brands?

SC: Absolutely. Stem cells are very much a buzzword in skin care today. Most of the skin care brands that are using stem cell extracts, though, are plant-based — they’re derived from apples or melons or rosebuds. While those may have value as antioxidants, they can’t recognize the need for skin repair. Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care is the only skin care line currently on the market utilizing human, non-embryonic stem cells for anti-aging benefits. Someday, probably, there will be lots of products based on human non-embryonic stem cells. To date, though, Lifeline is the only one.

LY: What’s the best skin care advice you can give to women looking to prevent aging?

SC: Remember that quote that circulated in cyberspace in 1997, attributed to a commencement address by Kurt Vonnegut? The most memorable piece of advice was this: Wear sunscreen.

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