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Happy cooler weather: Now take care of your skin

Fall is here and that means a change in our beauty routines, right? Wrong! Think carefully about your daily routine and ask yourself: Are you doing enough year-round to keep your skin healthy and to ward off aging? You’ll thank us later!

Woman applying sunscreen

While it’s true that our summer and winter skincare routines differ from what we may do in the fall and spring, that’s not to say that routines should stop. Healthy skin is a year-round commitment that can never be ignored.

Remember, none of us want to have to use injectables later or go under the knife if we can avoid it!

1Always wear sunscreen

We all logically know we need to wear SPF year-round, but yet many of us start skipping SPF once autumn hits. Never forget, even if the weather appears cooler and cloudy, those rays are still out there — and they are as dangerous as ever. Remember to use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 and wear it every single day — not just on your face, but on all parts that aren’t covered by your clothes.

2Eat healthy

When we’re young, some of us can eat anything we want and get away with it. (Not me, obviously, but it’s what I’ve read on Twitter.) Remember, though, what doesn’t hurt your jeans size can still hurt your complexion. So stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein and calcium and you’ll see the payoff in a sexy waistline and beautiful, glowing skin!


Want healthy, glowing skin? From your lips down to your toes, exfoliation is the answer. Follow that sloughing with some fabulous body butter that feels delicious all over. It will make you extra-inviting to the touch!

4Stick to your plan

Ever notice that there’s a new miracle skin care ingredient popping up every other week? Well, there are other things, like shea butter and vitamin E, that have been around forever. That’s because they work! If something works, stick to it!

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