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Transitioning your skin care routine for fall

When the temperature cools down, your skin’s needs change. Follow these skin care tips to keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy throughout the fall.

Fall beauty

Use a heavier moisturizer

While a lightweight moisturizer works well on your face in the summertime, it might not be enough in the fall. If the weather is cold, dry and windy in your neck of the woods, your skin can get dry, flaky and irritated. Apply a rich moisturizer both morning and night, paying special attention to the areas around your eyes and mouth. Remember that dry skin makes wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced. For a smooth, flawless finish, wait a minute or two to allow your moisturizer to sink in before putting on your makeup.

Switch your body scrub

For fall and winter months, use an oil-based body scrub. These scrubs exfoliate while hydrating, leaving your skin silky soft and radiant. We love sugar-based scrubs like Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish and Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Sugar Scrub. You can also make your own homemade scrub such as this sage and grapefruit body scrub. You should adjust your facial and body cleansers as well, if necessary. You might need to switch to creamy products that are milder on your skin.

Don’t forget your feet

When sandal weather is gone, don’t neglect your feet. Even if they’re hidden inside boots for the next few months, you need to keep your feet healthy and soft. Put it on your beauty schedule to give your feet a good scrubbing a couple times a week with a pumice-based scrub. Apply hand and foot cream nightly before bed. If your feet are dry and cracked, slather on the moisturizer and sleep in plain cotton socks to promote healing.

Remember your sunscreen

Just because you aren’t lying by the pool doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. Apply sunscreen whenever you leave the house, no matter the weather. To make things easier, look for moisturizer and cosmetics that contain SPF too. Check out the latest sunscreen guidelines to keep your skin protected.

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