10 Skin commandments

From blemishes to wrinkles, we have an assortment of skin issues to deal with throughout our lives. However, skin problems don’t have to be a losing battle. To keep your skin looking and feeling, young, healthy and radiant, follow these 10 skin commandments.

Skin care

Know your skin type

You can’t buy the right skin care products if you don’t know your skin type. If your face feels tight allover after you wash it, you have dry skin. If it gets shiny quickly and often, you have oily skin. If your skin is tight on the cheeks yet shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), then you have combination skin. If your skin gets irritated and inflamed easily, then you probably have sensitive skin.

Never sleep in your makeup

No matter if you are tired, sick, drunk or all of the above, you should never go to sleep with your makeup on. At the very least, run a facial wipe over your face to get rid of most of your makeup and the daily grime that builds up on your skin.

Establish a routine

Skin care doesn’t have to be complex, but you should have a routine. If you still haven’t found a cleanser that really works for you or a moisturizer that you love, experiment with trial- or travel-size products until you find one that works. And remember, department store brands aren’t always better than the drugstore, just because they have a big price tag.

Skip the sunbathing

The beach is a blast, but not at the expense of your skin (and health). Slather on sunscreen before you head outdoors — even if you think it’s going to be cloudy. Baking for hours in the sun (or on the tanning bed) might give you some color, but it can also give you wrinkles, leather-y skin and even skin cancer.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells and stimulates circulation to create smooth, soft, younger-looking skin. Most women should exfoliate a couple times a week. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you may want to stick to once a week and use very gentle product.

Pay attention to your eyes

The skin right around your eyes is very sensitive — it’s also where wrinkles form first. Use an eye cream or anti-aging cream at night, if you are over 30. You should also invest in a big pair of shades. Oversized sunglasses aren’t just trendy — they’ll also protect your eyes and the skin around them from the sun’s damaging rays.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Lack of moisture can leave your skin looking dry, patchy and … well, old. Hydrate both morning and night with a moisturizing product suited for your skin type.

Don’t overdo the makeup

Makeup should be used to even out your skintone and enhance your features. It should provide just enough coverage, while allow your skin to breathe. Use a light hand when applying makeup — you can always add a little more of the product if necessary.

Thou shall not smoke

You can always tell someone who smokes by looking at their skin and teeth. Cigarette smoke doesn’t just leave teeth dingy and yellow, it leaves your skin looking dry, damaged and dingy too. Just another reason why you should quit smoking today.

Wash your tools

Makeup sponges and brushes, as well as wash cloths and even your hands, can harbor germs and bacteria. Wash your tools regularly to keep the dirt and bacteria away from your skin. You don’t need to buy expensive washes to cleanse your makeup sponges and brushes — just use a little baby shampoo and water.

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